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A Modern Twist on a Traditional Marketing Strategy

Aug 17, 2007
Certain traditional marketing strategies have stuck around for a long time for one main reason: they work. While many assume new, cutting edge techniques are necessary to grab the attention of consumers in our fast-paced, highly-technological world, the results of businesses using article marketing say otherwise. Perhaps consumers just want some good solid information rather than bright lights and obnoxious celebrity voice-overs.

Article marketing is a well-established method used by businesses seeking to gain exposure without breaking the bank. Traditionally it was most prevalent in newspapers and magazines. A business owner would write an article about something related to his industry and in return for a mention of the business, the publisher would print the article free of charge.

Article marketing has become increasingly popular with the rise of the Internet. Not only have the number of potential places to get published skyrocketed, most of these publishers need content more often than a weekly magazine or a daily newspaper. In fact, some of these publishers want updated information by the hour to satisfy the needs of those customers who visit their sites multiple times a day. They want something fresh to appear every time the customer visits the site.

What article marketing does is combine the needs of the business (exposure) with the needs of the publisher( a steady stream of fresh content). This process is made even easier with article distribution services like ArticleMarketer.com. Instead of the business owner seeking out individual online publications, they simply submit their article to a distribution service. These services are able to submit articles to a hundred sources in the time an individual may be able to do one.

Once the articles are submitted and published, the business owner starts to see some real results. Website traffic goes up. Search engine rankings go up. Recognition goes up. And as a result of all of these, sales also usually go up.

As some claim the more traditional methods of marketing to be outdated, article marketing has risen to the challenge. It has proven to be an effective way to market businesses both big and small regardless of what they are selling.

Article marketing has its roots in traditional publishing, but it also continues to adapt to the changing culture of this technological age. With the birth of new publishers each day, article marketing will continue to cater to the ever-increasing need for information. Business owners who decide to come along for the ride will continue to reap the benefits from this truly unique and effective marketing method.
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Tiva Kelly is an expert at article marketing and offers support to authors at Article Marketer, a highly popular article distribution service. Do you want more traffic at your site? Learn how article marketing works, then submit an article today!
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