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What American Idol and Small Business Have in Common

Aug 17, 2007
American Idol has become the fixation of the American public, a television show that will be remembered for years to come even after it will eventually stop showing. A show that definitely has brought much success to many people. Some very well know and others who have discovered stardom overnight.

Every Tuesday night I sit down with my daughters to watch American Idol and speculate who will win who will not and on it goes. Like all of you I've been pasted to the T.V. for the past few months enjoying all that I see on American Idol. But this season has been very interesting, that is if you watch very closely.

The first thing is American Idol is not always a singing contest. Yes, Simon will say get off it and let's vote who is the best singer. But the fact of the matter is many times American Idol is a popularity contest. It does not matter who can sing the best but who entertains the best. Unfair for those who are really talented as you saw with Melinda Doolittle. She was unbelievable and flawless but not as popular as Jordin Sparks. I also realistically thought that Melinda was predictable. We always knew her performance was going to be perfect.

The other thing I learned about American Idol is the American public is looking for a rags to riches story. Like the no body or nothing singer for the country side who becomes a super star. Or- the seventeen year old Jordin Sparks who becomes a super star at such a young age. American loves a little story-

But what does this have to do with small business? Pretty simple.

Some small businesses you will see are very busy successful and its based on popularity in a community. Does this center have the best service or the best products and equipment? Maybe or maybe not.

People are drawn to a small business for a variety of reasons- some of which maybe its just the place to go. My friend told me to go there, or my boss goes there. They said it was ok. It does not always mean that they have the best service or the best people working for them. Other variables that fall into consideration are competition in the community, the size, demand and so on goes the list of factors.

So the next time you think about business, think about people and what they are drawn to and why.
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