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Money Can't Buy Love, But It CAN Buy Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
Traffic is the lifeblood of any Internet marketing business. Without a new flood of prospects to your site each and every day, your business will stop growing, and your profits will come to a screeching halt!

Buying traffic to your Website from a wholesale Website traffic broker might seem as if it good Internet marketing technique because you can get massive traffic at a low cost. However, usually it isn't quality, targeted traffic. Which means you are basically flushing your advertising dollars down the drain.

In the online marketing world, if something seems to good to be true, that is because it IS.

However, there are some legitimate traffic brokers that can deliver targeted traffic to your Website. It is your job to do your due diligence when researching each of these companies. Never spend a single advertising dollar until you feel confident you have fully researched each company extensively.

Also you should be aware that pop up advertisements are common techniques that traffic brokers use to drive traffic to your Website. While they can be appealing to some Internet surfers, pop up ads are considered to be a burdensome annoyance to most Internet surfers. In fact, pop up blocker technology prevents many of these types of ads from even being displayed to many prospects.

You also need to know where the traffic you are buying comes from. If it comes from a Website that is relevant to your product or service, it might be good, targeted traffic. However, if it comes from a source that has nothing whatsoever to do with your target market, it probably won't be beneficial.

You need to ask the traffic brokers where your ads will be displayed, and be sure to ask for example sites.

When you do purchase Website traffic in bulk, start with a small amount and carefully track the results. You must chart the number of hits to your Website and the conversion rate. If you are not turning a profit, then it is time to rethink your strategy.

If the traffic proves to be fruitful, you may opt to purchase more, but if results are not evident, save your money to be spent on more productive Internet marketing alternatives.

Remember, you are in business to make money, not to take a loss.

While traffic to your Website is essential to making money in an Internet-based business, the traffic simply must come from your target market in order for it to be profitable.

When done correctly, buying traffic can be a very profitable advertising strategy. However, it can be risky for even a seasoned online marketer. If you fail to do any research before you buy, be prepared to lose your shirt in the process.
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