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Lead Generation And Article Marketing For A Niche Market

Aug 17, 2007
If you have a niche product that you are planning to sell online, then there could be no better method of promoting that product other than lead generation coupled with article marketing.

You could use these two devices to build up a strong strategy for ensuring good sales to your business. This is a guide which will elaborate on how you can easily multiply your sales several times, even when you are catering to a niche market.

What is defined as a niche market? Generally, any product that is targeting at a specific clientele is a niche product. Take the example of a musical instrument like a guitar. Certainly, this is not a product for everyone. Having a huge guitar promotion campaign in the online or offline world will do no good for its sales. How many guitar ads have you seen on national television, for that matter?

Then how do such products sell? Well, their marketing strategy is to reach out to those customers only who are potential buyers for the niche product. In the case of guitars, students learning to play it and musicians fall into the niche category. If these people are targeted for the promotions, it will do much better than targeting the world at large.

Let's now begin recounting the things you need to do one by one.

Step 1
Start by setting up a website for your product. Make this website as professional as you can because your product is a specialized product. The presentation of the website is certainly important, but what is more important is the content that is written on the website.

Use several pictures of your product, if possible, on the website. But, the most important thing to do is to put up a free newsletter to which your visitors can subscribe. The subscription should be possible after the visitor provides their email id.

Step 2
Get a professional writer to write some promotional articles for your website. These articles should target the product and not your website. The article should be a bit technical, but not overtly so. It should show that the writer knows the product.

Also, it is very important that your article is rich in keywords. Use a keyword tool to find out what keywords people are searching for relating to your product, and then get the writer to use that keyword in the title of the article and several times within the main body of the article also.

Step 3
Submit these promotional articles to various article directories. Below each article, give your website URL and a short information about yourself.

Step 4
All these process will lead several visitors to your website each day. These visitors will be those who have searched for information on the niche product, and so they are generally interested people.

Most of them will subscribe to the free newsletter on your website. You will now have their email ids. These are the leads your website has generated. Now it is up to you how to spend your energies in following up these leads and trying to get them converted into sales.

The above strategy is sure to work for promoting any niche article, and one could go as far as saying that, there is no better workable strategy than this. However, it must be borne in mind that two elements are absolutely essential for the success of this strategy. One, the promotional articles and the content on the website itself must be absolutely professional and impressive; and two, the leads must be followed up diligently.
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