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Get More Traffic To Your Affiliate Marketing Site

Aug 17, 2007
There really is no such thing as too much traffic, and it is worthwhile to know as many ways as possible to keep that traffic flowing into your affiliate marketing website! Here are some of the more effective ways to get that traffic your online home business needs:

Generating Traffic With Sub-Domains

Many people who are successful with affiliate marketing use this effective method. Sub-domains are websites located within a directory in your main site, and have a domain name of their own, making them like independent sites. It is very easy and inexpensive to make a sub-domain site. They draw from the same resources used by the main website, so obviously you save the cost of getting another hosting account. This cost-effective method does use more bandwidth, but it is flexible and is a great way to bring traffic for your online home business on a low budget.

Search engines and links are mutually inclusive, you can't think of one without thinking of the other. Search engine spiders and robots take into account the number of sites linked to you, and their ranking. When you link your sub-domains to your main site, you will be enhancing and raising the ranking of all your affiliate marketing sites!

Banner Exchange Programs

Another popular way to attract traffic to your online home business is through banner exchange programs. This is a method where you share advertising space with other websites. When you do this with a relevant site, you get new clients and customers that you might have otherwise not been able to bring in. But remember not to clutter your website with these as too many can prevent your site from loading quickly, and that will defeat the whole purpose of your affiliate marketing business. Your visitors will simply close the browser window, and you will lose them forever.

Finding Alternative Markets

To keep your website attracting continuous volumes of targeted traffic, you must have alternative markets. Search engine spiders tend to pick up new content among your websites. Even a small change could put you in a category that you had not thought of earlier, opening up a whole new market for you, and possibly make your online home business more money. This is similar to placing keyword rich content on your site, to bring in traffic to your site and being affiliated with sites that are complementary to your affiliate marketing site.

Article Marketing

This method of boosting traffic for your online home business has become very popular amongst those who make a career out of affiliate marketing. How it works is simple: You write articles about things that have to do with your website and what you are promoting, and then you submit them to article directories. You must include a link to your site in the about the author box, that is where the magic is. After submitting some good, helpful articles, you will start seeing that hundreds if not thousands of sites are linked to you. It's amazing how fast it can happen. I highly recommend that if you are starting a career in affiliate marketing, then you should start submitting articles right away, you will not regret it.
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