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How To Improve Your Email Marketing Letters And Improve Your Profitability

Aug 17, 2007
Small business owners, home based entrepreneurs and online business owners are always looking for ways to improve their marketing program. By showing an improvement in their annual marketing program, the business firm can attract new customers, show significant annual revenue (sales) increases, record attractive and higher profit margins, and record substantial improvements in their annual cash flow.

I will focus this article about writing better email marketing letters.

Your subject line in your letter is the first item the reader will see from you.

You should say something in the subject line that speaks to the self-interest of the reader.

For example, if you are marketing a health product how will the life of the reader be improved by opening your email?

If you are selling a financial newsletter how will the reader benefit?

Try to remember that the reader of your letter is always tuned into this station.

What is in it for me?

Professional sales people call it station WIIIFM.

The reader will be glad to hear from you, if you send him a letter that will benefit his or her self-interest.

Here is why WIIIFM works in our society.

We live in a free-market based capitalistic society. Ever since we won the Revolutionary War against Great Britain, we have been allowed to pursue our self-interest as long as we do not violate any laws.

We can pursue what is in our self-interest when it comes to acquiring an education.

We can purse the career that advances our self-interest.

We can vote for the party that will best serve our self-interest in the political arena.

Our nation has had over 200 years of allowing individuals to pursue their self-interest. That is why professional sales people know that station WIIIFM works with customers.

You are addressing the needs of the individual. Your subject line in your email should reflect what is in the best interest of the reader.

Once your letter is opened you should start building Desire to own your product or service.

People buy to satisfy a Desire and you may spend 80-90% of your email building Desire.

A good strategy to build Desire is to give reasons why the customer should buy what you are selling. For example, it is common to see 7 reasons why your yard will look more beautiful using XYZ Lawn Care Service.

By using reasons why words and sentences in your email letters you speak to the self-interest of the reader.
You take advantage of the natural tendency that individuals are tuned into WIIIFM.

The last part of the email letter should be your call for action. What do you want the reader to do after reading your letter?

Do you want them to place an order?

Do you want them to go to another website?

Do you want them to make a phone call to you?

Do you want them stop by at your local store?

Whatever action you want the reader to do, please remind them how they will benefit by taking that action.

Here is a simple example.

Your lawn will look never better to your neighbors when you start using our XYZ Lawn Service.

You simply remind the customer the benefit and the satisfaction of the Desire by taking the recommended action.

Let us summarize what we have talked about in improving your email marketing letters.

Your subject line should address a self-interest that the reader will enjoy by opening your email. Professional sales people know that customers are tuned into WIIIFM and you should take advantage of that fact.

Ever since we won The Revolutionary War our society has been engaged in actions that reflect our self-interests.

And you will spend 80% of your email building Desire for your product or service. Using reasons why is an excellent way of building Desire for what you are marketing.

The last part should be the call for action. Indicate what you want the customer to do. Explain how the customer will benefit by taking the action you are recommending.

I know small business owners, home based entrepreneurs, and online business owners are always looking for ways to improve their marketing program. By showing an improvement in the way their email letters are written business owner can enjoy important financial benefits. The benefits to the business firm can be attracting new customers, showing significant annual revenue (sales) increases, recording attractive and higher profit margins, and recording substantial improvements in their annual cash flow.

I hope this article has given you some ideas on how to write better email letter for your home based business, or online business.

And I will conclude this article by asking a question.xxxxxxWhat is your plan to create better email letters?
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