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To Shred Or Not To Shred - That Is The Question

Aug 17, 2007
Records management is one of the most important elements of good business management, and there are several instances when you need to destroy your records for the good of your customer and for your own protection.

1. You Don't Want To Break The Law, Do You?

Your business or organization must comply with regulations and laws. These regulations require that your business or company protect vital information when it is discarded. HIPAA and the GLB act needs certain physical safety measures such as shredding or proper document destruction to be done to meet this requirement.

2. Make Your Clients Happy

Oftentimes, individuals are afraid of identity theft and invasion of privacy through those pertinent information that your company's records database contains. It is your sole responsibility as the records manager to destroy these documents for them since you are entrusted with information that they deem to be very confidential. Many clients know that you are supposed to protect all their confidential information through destruction. If your employees' (current or former) privacy that is at stake, you should not wonder if they know that it is your responsibility to protect their personal information.

3. Document Destruction in Its Many Forms

- Shredding
- Physical Destruction
- Incineration

4. One-time or Often?

It is important that before you even consider hiring a document destruction service you have to identify first whether your company needs one-time shredding only or a regular shredding service.

5. How Should It Be Destroyed?

The type of shredding method - plant based or mobile - will be further decided on as you go through these steps.

6. How To Choose A Company

- Ensure they are certified
- Do they provide a schedule to shred documents?
- References and past clientele
- Do they provide shred bins?
- Will bins be locked physically?
- Are any extra services provided, such as for non-paper destruction?
- Will products be recycled, or destroyed? There is a huge difference!
- What will the total cost be? A high price tag does not guarantee service.
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