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Making Money Online Is A Numbers Game

Aug 17, 2007
Everyone searches the Internet in hopes of hitting it big. Ill be the first to admit it I was and still am one of those people today. I found that Internet marketing and earning money online isnt all that hard as everyone makes it out to be. To me its just a big numbers game. The facts are simple, and if you do the math it all ads up.

The more quality traffic you send to a website the more money you will earn. Now sure that sounds easier said then done. There are a few things I am leaving out, and they are where to send this traffic, and how to get this traffic. Now most people send all their website traffic to a sales page which could lead to you making sales. However your probably throwing more money away then you know about. Why? Because a sales page is not where you should be sending your targeted traffic.

You should first send your traffic to what is called a lead capture page. This way if they are dead serious about making money online they will have to fill out a form to find out more information. What this does is it in away filters out the serious people from the tire kickers. We all know time is money, and the last thing we would want to do is spend countless hours talking to people who are just going to waste your time. Lets face it I am sure we all have done that before.

You have better things to do with your time then talk to someone who is just a tire kicker. You could be out marketing and finding other people who are serious about earning extra money online.

Now the other thing I left out was where to get this traffic from. The easiest way would be to simply put up some Google adwords up and out bid everyone. However not everyone has the money to do that. So you must find other ways to draw in quality traffic.

Some ways you could do this are from article marketing, blogging, free press releases, traffic swarm, word of month, and videos. Now these are just some free advertising methods. There are tons out there to do, but I find these to work the best.

Always remember though you do not want to send your traffic to a generic sales page. You first want to collect the users information then send them to a sales page. This way you can quickly follow up with them and help increase your conversions.
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