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Affiliate Marketing Secrets - Choosing A Great Merchant's Sales Page!

Aug 17, 2007
So now you're all ready and set to make boat-loads of affiliate marketing cash but wait a minute...How am I supposed to know what merchant to affiliate with? Yep! His product is great - maybe you've even used it and you know for sure! But how sure are you that his sales page will convert the traffic you send to him!?

Before we go on, let me define affiliate marketing:
"Definition: Affiliate Marketing is a system of revenue sharing between one site (the affiliate merchant) which features an ad or content designed to drive traffic to another site (the advertiser). The affiliate will receive a fee based on the amount of traffic generated."

Okay, we are all enlightenged now about what affiliate marketing is all about so let's go on...
Emmm...where were we? Oh yes! Sales page "convertibility"! What is a merchant sales page?This is a the webpage that your visitors/traffic will be landing on when you send them to your affiliate program through your affiliate link!

Therefore, we have established its importance! Needless to say, a great product with a "seedy" sales page would bring in no sales! And that's exactly what we want! (No - I meant the sales...we want the sales...Right?)

The whole object of your merchant's sales page is to get the visitor scurrying for his wallet, not just salivating, but almost acquiring a nervous breakdown from his/her haste to purchase the product on offer! - Your current merchant's sales page don't do that?...Don't worry, after going through this article you'd know what to do to change that.

What was your question again?...Oh yes: How am I supposed to know what merchant to affiliate with? Well my advice goes thus: Firstly, you must know where to look for merchants. I recommend clickbank. Why?...Well, they have over 10,000 electronic products (i.e. products that you can easily download after payment without waiting for shipping) to choose from. Also, all you need is one single affiliate ID - called a hoplink in clickbank - and you can simply plug it into any affiliate program in their network and you're good to go! So go to clickbank!

Secondly, look for a product that you think would solve a problem e.g. Pregnancy without pounds, stop your dog messing up your house, stop any hacker that comes near your PC etc., etc. I'm sure you get the gist!

Thirdly, and most importantly, visit the sales page of the merchant to determine if it possesses these extremely important and indispensable features!: (The following are the secrets that distinguish top affiliate marketers from the 95% "pretenders" so pay attention!)

Your perception of the page as a visitor won't be too far from that of those you send to that page:

1. The page must grab your interest and attention as soon as you land!
* The headline must appeal to your emotional cravings, appeal your inner desires and offer solutions to the things that have so far been an embarrassment to you!

2. The page must hold that interest and attention throughout the page!
* Meaning that the headline ain't enough...there must be meat on the body.

3. The page must be exciting to you!
* It should get you excited enough to desire purchasing the product instantly if you could! Remember the illustration above about "nervously clutching for your wallet"? - yeah, something like that.

4. The page must be "easy" on your eyes!
* It must have sex appeal - you almost want to eat it up or crawl into your monitor screen. Here you won't find all those funny colors that are not related :(

5. The page must have the ability to convince you!
* Proof can't be undermined! Who has used it? what do they have to say about the product? Were can you go to verify their "testimonies"? Can you try the product before purchasing it? Etc., etc.

6. The page must offer you a money back guarantee! - very important.
* "Okay, I'm convinced this product isn't for me - where's my money?"

7. The page must offer you some kind of bonus!
* "So you want my money ha? - Okay, what's in it for me?" This can be in form of a newsletter, an eCourse, a free eBook or "extras" if you purchase the product.

Finally, let me add that a great sales page doesn't have to possess all of the above to be great...but the more of them it has, the more effective your marketing efforts will be...and of course the more $$$ you'll make! Cachang!

Voila! Now you know all it takes to choose a great merchant's sales page! Alright. Off you go to earning those affiliate commissions! Good luck and Godspeed! Am out.
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