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Seeking A Good Job By Keeping Your Fingers Crossed?

Aug 17, 2007
Look. Seeking a good job is never easy. And don't let anyone tell you it's piece of cake!

All the same, some folks will tell you all you have to do is write a terrific resume. Then post it on some job sites like Monster or HotJobs. Or mail or email it to some companies or agencies. Maybe answer a few want ads. Sounds pretty automatic, doesn't it?

Of course, the only thing left for you to do, they tell you, is to sit back and wait for some responses. And, if you're like most eager folks seeking a good job, you'll probably get some responses. For example, you'll get some TNT (thanks but no thanks) messages. You'll get a couple questionnaires and applications requesting additional information.

You may even get a call or two from a HR staffer who is doing a survey. They usually ask what your salary requirements are because they're really trying to compare what they're paying with the going rate. And, if you're very lucky you may even be invited in for a screening interview (along with potentially dozens of your competitors).

This type of seeking a good job is called "keeping your fingers crossed." It may work for you eventually (usually after weeks and months of waiting). But, is this any way to lock up an exciting, high-paying job that meets your needs and expectations?

If you plan to be successfully seeking a good job in the 21st Century then you have to run your job search like a small business. So getting on the right career track or finding the very best job opportunity is largely a matter of MARKETING. That means you have to see yourself as the PRODUCT.

And your success as a marketer will be determined by how well you master the four P's . . . the basic blueprint for all good marketing.

Here they are: Packaging, Positioning, Promotion and Pricing.

Each of these must be carefully worked out and strategized before you go into the job marketplace. They become the action plan for your campaign success. An employer is not going to buy your package unless you can offer features and benefits that are absolutely compelling.

Of course, the flip side of this strategy is the realization that your next boss is the consumer of this package. That means you have to become your own best salesperson. You have to be prepared to communicate your strengths, capabilities and assets with compelling persuasiveness.

That means your resume has to take a powerful bio-action approach. But, more importantly, you have to go way beyond the "automatic" and easy approaches and develop a job search plan that will put you in charge of seeking a good job rather than passively waiting to see what happens. When you do, you'll find that best of all jobs waiting for you!
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