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How To Sabotage Your Job Hunting Plan!

Aug 17, 2007
You already recognize you need a good job hunting plan if you're at all serious about finding a good job. And you've probably been told the right way to do it. Or you've read a couple books that tell you how to write a great resume and conduct a successful interview.

You've got all the right intentions. You can picture yourself happy in your next job. You know about a fabulous job hunting plan that can propel you to success if you follow it. But there's something that can sabotage all your carefully considered plans and dreams.

It's called "procrastination!"

Look, we've all been victims of procrastination. It comes to us in life any time we have to make a change. It's just hard to pull up stakes with something we're familiar with and comfortable with and move on. Even though we know we have to.

Going out in the unknown is particularly sticky when it comes to changing jobs. We suddenly become less sure of ourselves . . . of our capabilities, strengths and assets. Our motivation starts to lag. We look for ways to put off making a decision. In short, we become good at procrastinating.

The good news is there are 4 positive steps you can take right now to break the pattern of job hunting procrastination.

1. Question your beliefs. Be prepared to dump the old-fashioned assumptions about what it takes to get employed. Explore the exciting new 21st Century strategies that start with identifying what the employer is looking for in someone he/she wants to add to the team . . . rather than what looking to get out of the job change.

2. Reconsider old habits. They die hard. For example, we have preconceived notions of what a traditional job hunting plan should look like. You know . . . a resume, mass posting or mailing, working with agencies and recruiters, answering want ads, going on screening interviews, etc.

3. Control your impulsiveness. Most job hunters jump from one task to another without following a carefully thought out plan of action. So, you need to plot a roadmap to get you moving on the path to exciting new and lucrative employment. And you need a system that will guarantee you the results you seek.

4. Prioritize your tasks. If everything seems like a priority, you'll feel overwhelmed and get nothing done. For example, don't obsess about your resume. It won't get you employed. Instead, put together a job hunting plan that focuses on identifying employers that meet your qualifications. And then plot ways to get face-to-face with decision-makers without all the resume and interview hoopla.

When you've got a track to run on and can see clearly what's expected of you to conduct a successful job hunting plan, suddenly procrastination evaporates and before you know it you're on your way.
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