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Dealing With Women In The Workplace

Aug 17, 2007
Is it true, as so many say, that woman's place is in the home? The answer is a clear "No!"

A woman's place is in her place, and this is true both at home (as we have seen) and in the office, but dealing with women in the office can be a challenge.

Friction has been caused recently only because women in business have on occasion stepped out of their places. This has caused untold confusion and mental anguish.

Modern American business is anchored firmly to this principle: it is the man who does the thinking and the woman who does the work.

Indeed, from the very day this principle was discovered, from the day man learned that all the heavy work in a business office could be performed by women at a fraction of the cost, American business zoomed upward. Men, with their hands idle, were free to perform their true function, that of planning and making decisions.

From that time onward, the sky has been the limit. The world has marveled to see this man-woman team, striding ahead together, raising American business to unheard-of peaks.

Why is it then that men in business are troubled, worried, beset by ulcers and countless psychosomatic ills?

Because, basically, women began to think.

Once this happened, the whole tenor of American business changed, and the firm foundation on which it was built began to totter.

The woman executive had arrived.

It is with her that the male in business must learn to cope - or perish.

How To Deal With Women Executives

A woman executive is any woman who can wear her hat in the office. She need no longer work with her hands - and no one needs to be told how dangerous a woman is when her hands are not occupied. She gives orders and competes with men on their own ground. In some cases she even gives orders to men, something that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

It is your duty while in the office to make life as pleasant and as harmonious as possible for the office force, which is to say the bare-headed or non-executive women.

However, when it comes to the woman executive, your mission is just as clear. The woman executive must not be allowed to spring up - and, once having sprung up must be suppressed as quickly as possible.

There are two main types of woman executive, each demanding separate treatment, the siren, and the battle ax.

The siren-executive is a woman who combines a certain superficial cleverness with calculated sex. She is not to be confused with the simple, or bareheaded siren, who may be just as appealing, but who uses her appeal in a wholesome way, which is to say only for its own sake.

The siren-executive, or potential siren-executive uses sex the way you would use a meeting or a memo, purely for self-advancement. The really unscrupulous woman can, in fact, do things with sex that you could never do with the very best memo. The shrewd girl chooses her victims expertly and can often rise rapidly in an organization.

The counter-siren is the best defense against her. Find a food, simple or bareheaded siren and install her close to the office of the siren-executive's intended victim. This is known as fighting fire with fire.

The bad axe is usually defined as a power hungry female. As with the siren, you have to fight this woman's fire with fire. Once you've made yourself known to these females, your should have an easier time getting along.
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