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Using Articles To Make Money

Aug 17, 2007
Article marketing is probably one of the easiest ways to draw in some of the best free high quality traffic to any website you own. Not only is article marketing a good way to send free traffic to a website its also a great way to make profits from your website. You see articles will never die off they will last forever, and people will always read them. So let me teach you how you can use this free and very powerful marketing tool to start making money.

First what you want to do is have a website that sells some type of product. Once you have that setup you are ready to begin using article marketing. This is where the fun really begins, and the money starts to roll in. What you then must do is begin to write high quality articles about your topic or business. Make sure that your articles are very informative, and help the person reading them.

Now you might be wondering why you want to help them, and here is why. Most people that read articles do not want to be sold on something. They are out searching for information, and advice on a certain topic. They are not out to buy something. If you try to sell something in your article more then likely the person reading it will just move on to the next thing.

Also a well-written article has a much higher chance of being picked up and placed on other peoples websites. If this happens you can greatly benefit in many different ways. You can gain more one way links back to your website helping you achieve higher search rankings, and your article will gain more exposure which in return can lead to more traffic to your website.

You want to leave the selling part to your website, and the way they get to your website is by clicking through on the link in your author resource box. In this box is your one opportunity your giving to make a final impression on your reader. This is where you can give a little sales pitch and point them in the direction of your website.

Now that you have your well-written article the final step is to submit it to article directories for everyone to see and read. You can either hand submit your article, or you can sign up to an article submission service; which will automatically blast out your articles for you.
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