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Its About Traffic Honey

Aug 17, 2007
If you are a webmaster, what would you consider the most important determining factor for the success of a website? If your answer is anything other than traffic, you should do some rethinking! Naturally, there can be other valid webmaster's aspirations such as developing your site into an authority site, or generating revenue (can't fault that one). But, the backbone of booming websites is traffic? lots of it. Relevant traffic. Traffic that converts. Traffic that is natural.

How do we get a hold of such traffic? The first school of traffic generation relates to the fundamental dictum of "build a good mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door." Of course there is bound to be significant doubt about what defines a "good mouse trap." But the idea has its merits. By promoting a good website, you will be able to generate traffic.

But it is a sad state of affairs that instead of following the principal of "build a good mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door," some website owners rely on "build and they will come." This is the passive approach to website traffic generation. Sure, it is possible that you will get a decent amount of traffic, but you are leaving a lot of money on the table. And that is not a good thing. Instead of having your finger in too many pies, you must attend to only as many sites as you can actively promote. Sounds like a bunch of common sense, right? Actually, it is not so common to see this basic principle being followed.

Then there are those who will buy traffic. Ask a webmaster and usually they will find the idea of buying traffic appalling. One cause for this is that websites that sell traffic do it by using paid surfers, auto-surfing programs, pop-ups, pop-downs, etc. This leads to a drop in the quality of the traffic till such time as it becomes nearly inconsequential.

Of course, a brilliant solution for traffic is search engines. In case you can get search engines to rank you decently, you can expect to get ample traffic from search engines. But attend to only the few big ones -- Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask probably constitute well in the excess of 90% of all search engine queries. Having a marvelous site with great content, great navigation and many links from reputed sites is perhaps the only surefire way of getting a good rank on a search engine.
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