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The Missing Equation to Converting Network Marketing Leads on Auto Pilot

Aug 17, 2007
If you have heard of the latest techniques to create name squeeze pages and create a list of prospects eager to sign up for your network marketing business, realize that that page is only one cog in the entire system. Having a website is good, but there are more factors we need to take into consideration to ensure successful conversion of network marketing leads.

MLM Lead tactic #1: Follow up messages are necessary to gently remind people to visit your website again. An interval of 2 to 3 days is sufficient. One way to construct Follow Up messages is to first work on a series of messages in note pad or Microsoft word, before uploading them to the auto responder.

The personal touch is important so that people know that they are talking to a human being and not a machine. This is fine because we should only be working and talking to network marketing leads that are ready to accept help and start their journey to earning 5 figures online. The auto responder is there to help us face the rejection..

MLM Lead tactic #2: A website without traffic is a website floating aimlessly in space. For most websites, we cannot just set up a site and hope that it will generate cash and convert leads on auto pilot. In order to get people to come to your site, involves building links to it. This is in the form Long term traffic coming from directory submission, signature links in forums, links in article directories and video directories. Short term traffic involves PPC, ezine advertising and co reg leads, which cost money. Traffic Exchanges also work, and it pays to build a downline in traffic exchanges so that it generates traffic on auto pilot for you.

You can also pay a broker to submit links on your behalf. It is a question of time versus money.

MLM Lead tactic #3: Participating in funded franchising coops can build your network marketing business on auto pilot. This is by far the most effective way to use ones money to build their network marketing business. By participating in coops, one can utilize the efforts of the entire members fund pool. Network marketing leads are evenly distributed by a rotator and follows up messages are directed to these leads to sign up directly under the members link. Different coops have different criteria but they all stem from the same idea, which is you normally have to be in the downline for the funded sponsoring franchise main network marketing program before you're allowed to participate and have network marketing leads, generated and converted for you on autopilot.

The interesting aspect of Funded Franchising Coops is that it allows one to work on the most important aspect of generating network marketing leads online, and that is..

It frees up our time to get involved in Revenue Generating Activities. Some people get tied up with learning how to use auto responders, html, script coding, and give up before their network marketing lead generation system is setup. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Funded Sponsoring franchises have all the technicalities setup, including follow messages, and this allows members to quickly and easily plug into the system and start profiting from day 1, because they will now be able to focus on profit generating activities.
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