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How To Handle Multiple Article Submissions Without Attracting SEO Penalties

Aug 17, 2007
Article submission means submitting keyword-oriented articles on article directories with a backlink to the product website below the article. When someone searches for the particular keyword, there are high chances that this article will show up, and from there the person will be able to click onto the website of the product if he or she finds the article interesting and clicks on the backlink. In this manner, article submission is nothing but an exercise in promoting the website, i.e. to bring better traffic to the site.

Since articles are a draw for Internet users to come to the product site, it logically follows that the more is the number of the articles submitted, higher will be the traffic it attracts. And it is absolutely true. In the world of article submissions, the number of articles submitted is directly proportional to the traffic it generates. Website owners are almost falling over each other in this race for submitting the highest number of articles per week.

Multiple Article Submissions and Related SEO Penalties

How are multiple article submissions done then? The most common way of doing this is to put up the article to several article directories. Since most article directories are free, it does not incur any heavy expense to do this.

Also article directories want content. They are not sticklers for originality also, so they do not mind accepting used articles. Some authors might rework the articles either in part or in whole before sending. This is known as duplicating content, but it also works in the online world.

The problem with sending articles several times over to various directories does not come from the directories themselves, but it arises from the search engines. Search engines are equipped to recognize any form of plagiarism. Once they find out plagiarized work, they will simply dismiss it from further searches to save their own time. This means, the whole exercise of submitting multiple articles becomes useless since the search engines will simply not show the subsequent articles.

This is known as a Search Engine Optimization penalty. The penalty is to the article and to the website URL mentioned in the bio box. The result of the penalty will be that they will not show in the keyword searches that people do.

How to Avoid SEO Penalties with Multiple Article Submissions

It cannot be denied that multiple article submissions are the order of the day. Only with submissions of scores of articles per week can a website owner ensure that at least one of them will show in the search results in the premier pages. But doing so can also attract SEO penalties. There are some ways to avoid the penalties, though, and indeed some methods can totally eliminate the risk. The following are some workable methods:-

Rework your articles 100% before sending them. This is by far the easiest thing to do. You can rework your articles by using synonyms, and changing the sequences of the matter within the article. The title must be changed completely.

Change the keyword of the article. For example, if your keyword is "dog shows in Tampa Bay", you can change it to "Tampa Bay dog shows". This will confuse the search engines as they rank pages on the basis of the keywords in them. Use different keywords in every article you submit. You can find some popular variations of your website on keyword tracker tools, available freely online.

Make several variations of your own website and give them different URLs. Then, use these different URLs below your multiple-submitted articles. In this way, each article will point to a different landing page, and you will protect yourself from an SEO penalty.

Hire several writers from all over the world on a freelance basis. Give the same keyword to all these writers. In this way, you can be sure to get original articles on the same topic. But, this method is not very cost-friendly, as you will have to pay all the writers.

The above were some expert tips on how to avoid SEO penalties even though you are submitting multiple articles. But keep in mind that multiple article submission is always a type of article-spamming. The search engines are becoming more and more adept each day at finding out these similarities.

But till that happens to its fullest extent, multiple article submissions will always remain a perfectly legal way to boost traffic to your website.
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