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How To Keep The Article Directories Happy With Your Articles

Aug 17, 2007
When you are on your article marketing campaign, most likely your entire attention is on how to attract more and more traffic to that little backlink you are going to place in the bio box. That is all that remains important, and certainly it is the main purpose of article marketing. But is that all?

What article marketers tend to forget is the role the article directories play in boosting their traffic. No doubt the article itself has to be impressive and all that jazz, but it is also equally important that the article directory pumps your article in the right places. Good article directories already have a good SEO in place, remember!

So, it doesn't hurt a bit to conform your articles to the whims of the article directories. Each article directory expects some things from their articles. It is very beneficial to the submitter if they know what the requirements are and if they fulfill them in their articles.

Here are some general points that most article directories desire from their articles and article submitters:-

(i) No article directory would appreciate it if you overburden them with tons of articles at one go. This is more hazardous if the anchor texts in the bio boxes are the same. There is something known as article spamming, which is frowned upon by article directories. Hence, the better way would be to submit articles in lots of ten and not more, in a single day.

(ii) Write good content. This is not only important for your own credibility as a writer and as the owner of an online business, but it is also important for the reputation of the article directory. Directories with good articles are regarded more highly by other authors. So, keep your article informative. Proofread your article and rectify all those nasty spelling and grammar errors that have crept in.

(iii) DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. This is absolutely vital. Most directories would accept multiple article submissions, i.e. articles that have been pre-submitted by the same author on some other directory. But this will not go nicely with the search engines. They would penalize your backlink and might also bad mark the directory itself. You need to keep original content. Even duplicating content (rewording it) may not suit the tastes of some extremely high rating article directories such as Ezine.

(iv) Try to make your articles in series. Most article directories love them. Articles in series generally ensure that people who read one article will read its next part also, and then the next. So, an article which is a part of a series has much better chances of getting syndicated. Not only does this help the article directory, but it also helps the website because the chances of generating traffic get multiplied.

You live and learn when it comes to article directories. Since there are several of them in the market, and each with their own whims and fancies, it is important for you to gain experience in the ways they work, and if needed, change your style a bit. With article marketing, it pays highly to appease the article directories who are going to put your articles up on them.
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