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A Massive Boost for Your Home Based Business - Expose Yourself in Public

Aug 17, 2007
There is no better way to build your credibility than free media coverage. Doing this for yourself will require plenty of your time, focus and continued effort, but means no agency fees. Alternatively, you can hire a professional PR agency, but ensure they have industry relationships, immediate access and a good track record.

Continuous exposure will enhance your profile no end and the public will love it. You can do this by using articles you've had published, audio from any radio interviews you have recorded and video captures of any television appearances. All this is great content for your Website.

By turning your media material into direct mail pieces and sending them with your latest promotion, you will remind your customers that they made the right decision to work and stay with you.

# How to dominate your niche as an expert in your field

Use these five sure-fire tactics to forge a successful public profile and let the world know you are the expert in your field:

1. Get your knowledge published
Your presence in both online and offline publications puts you in the position of industry expert and contributes to your personal brand recognition.

2. Build a personal brand by using the media
Become an expert, an ambassador, a leader for your industry by joining associations and speaking as an authority wherever you can.

3. Construct a PR campaign
Relate this to unique marketing campaigns and current events as well as to your own product. Have an interesting and usable story that people will want to read about

4. Be controversial
By taking a stand or having an opinion, you will win recognition and respect. Rough up the party a little by throwing in a little controversy.

# Harness the power of online PR

There are many reasons as to why public relations is so powerful. Here are a few of the most important:

It's Affordable - By using free press release services online, you can select small targeted releases within a niche or industry.

It's Accessible - The online population is huge and growing every day. The internet is used for research and you can easily provide relevant, valuable content. Your Search Engine Optimization is important for this.

It Builds Credibility - Potential customers use the internet for research and obtaining knowledge. It deals with facts and information without focusing on the size or prestige of your company.

Press releases must be well written, interesting, relevant and properly distributed for them to work. When composing them, try to use relevant keywords to benefit from search engine optimisation. If you can include live links, it will stimulate more traffic form the 'back-links' and hopefully a higher Page Rank. Try not to rely solely on press releases for your publicity and PR. Use audio links or video clips if possible as well.

Using formats other than the written word will enable you to deliver your message with gusto. It will also help you to deliver a unique message to your adoring public.

# Building our own PR

By thinking of all web sites as media channels, you can offer them fresh content and expert advice everyday. Use audio and video effectively and give your customers reasons to return. Make it interesting and you'll have avid readers and converts.

Testimonials are the best and most effective way of encouraging sales. Use audio and video testimonials if possible as well as printed quotes on your web site. They will boost your response rates.

You can improve your PR by using interactive media. Highlight then showcase any featured products or promotions. Use all the technical aspects the Web has to offer, such as video and audio to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

Combine all of the above strategies and become a 'Powerhouse' in your chosen market. With a systematic campaign you can maintain a successful online business presence and have a great PR profile.
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