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Affiliate Marketing: A Guide For Beginners

Aug 17, 2007
One of the most outstanding creations of the internet, is affiliate marketing. Only on the internet, and with affiliate marketing, can you get away with selling products which aren't yours, not stressing yourself to deliver the said products, ignoring all the details concerning billing and cash matters, not having a care where after-sales service is concerned - and in spite of all of this, you still collect commissions worth thousands and yet remain free to roam the streets! Tell me: Where else can these happen?

Needless to mention; I know this sound great! Right? Well, let us see what the real picture is where affiliate marketing is concerned...

Affiliate marketing entails income sharing by the owner/creator of a product and you - the affiliate (or product promoter). This partnership creates an enabling environment for the merchant where he only pays for that advertisement/marketing, which produces a sale(s). On the other hand, the affiliate gains in percentage commissions on sales made through traffic that he sends the way of the merchant and on which he doesn't have to bother with afterwards.

** How Will You Be Paid?
This is particularly dependent upon the type of affiliate program and how it is set up. This comes in two basic types: That which is operated independently by a merchant and that which the merchant employs the services of a third-party service provide to manage.

Either way, a software handles all the affiliate's commission tracking. This is achieved by issuing each affiliate with a special unique URL, which he uses to send visitors/traffic to the merchant's sales page. This software program then keeps perfect track of the sales which results through the affiliate link of each and every affiliate marketer and pays the commission accrued on a period-by-period basis through paypal, credit card, or checks.

** How Do You Select Products/Services?
The products or service which you choose and the figure in commission terms, will directly affect the kind of income you can expect to achieve. Therefore, extreme care is needed to ensure that you select a product or service that has the potential to bring you the kind of profit that will cover your expenses. Take particular care in choosing programs that you believe in, products/services you have used and that you like and those products you will not be ashamed of introducing your friends and family to.

Another thing worthy of note is choosing affiliate programs that offer training for their affiliates. Also, these come with already prepared and targeted graphics, text ads, solo ads, etc., etc which means that you won't need to spend time creating your own.

Search for affiliate programs that have a commission payout percentage of not-less-than 50%. Also give a higher preference to affiliate programs having a residual income opportunity as this means that you get paid forever for a job done once!

Finally, affiliate marketing can be a highly lucrative online business. Having been around for a long time, we are just now getting to see the best coming out of the years of experience in internet affiliate marketing.

Take heed of the words above as you will need them to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Bye.
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