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Business Coaching and the Law of Attraction

Aug 17, 2007
There is a new trend that is sweeping through the business-coaching field. Formally, it is known as The Law of Attraction, but it is also known by other names like:

* Like attracts like
* Your thoughts will create the universe
* You always get what you wish for
* You make your own destiny

However, these are just merely expressions to describe the law of attraction and if this isnt a good enough explanation for the law of attraction, then read on. The Law of Attraction simply states that you can attract anything that you think about, into your life. Your prevalent thoughts will always find a way to manifest themselves. Since the structure of our universe is a lot more fluid than we can ever imagine it to be, out thoughts are capable of affecting its flow. If like attracts like, then negative thoughts will automatically attract negative events and positive thoughts on the other hand, will automatically attract positive events. By thinking about a particular thing with enough intensity, you have the power to change the universe and cause that event to take place.

The Law of Attraction is a fundamental law, on the same level as Maxwell laws of electromagnetism and the universal law of gravity, which are capable of working always.

In the world of business coaching, many respectable business coaches are quite fascinated with whole concept and have now begun using the law of attraction in their business-coaching cache. Like any law, there is a positive side as well as a negative aspect to this law. But, there are many coaches out there who are ardent believers in this law and who state that positive aspects far outnumber the negative ones.

If you are looking for prosperity and want your business to become successful, you have to start taking it seriously and think about it all the time, while at the same time always working on it. If you have got a confident, positive attitude about your business and mingle with other prosperous and successful business owners, then the chances of your business becoming a success will be a lot stronger.

Yes, most business coaches swear by this law and it is indeed a good business-coaching subject. Business coaches believe that hard work, learning and psychology are three of the most important factors that sum up the law of attraction. By paying constant attention to your business practice, you will attract more opportunities for success. And, by socializing and mixing with other successful business owners, you will have more scope for learning from them and getting good contacts.

So, if you really want your business to become successful, you must envision it as already being a success and you must hold that vision in front of you each and every day. In doing so, you will be able to attract successful events into your life and the universe will inevitably and infallibly change its course and work with you, to make your business the desired success.
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