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Six Unbeatable Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
The Internet is a revolution and all that, no doubt, but the most important thing about it is that it is a medium of making businesses. The volume of business transacted each day on the Internet is immeasurable.

More than three-fourths of the websites today are conducting some sort of business or the other. Even those websites which seemingly provide only some information on their sites are conducting some sort of business underneath all that information.

You must be having a business website too. In that case, your first intention would be to increase the traffic on your website. Obviously, the greater is the traffic, the more will be the business you will make through your site. Today, there are several techniques available to increase the traffic on websites. The following are six great ways to increase the flow of traffic on your website:-

(i) Article Marketing - Article marketing involves the writing of some keyword-rich articles that will show up on the search results. These articles are submitted to article directories with a back link of the website below them. When someone reads the article, there's a very high chance that they will visit the website also. This is currently the most popular method of building traffic on your website.

(ii) Search Engine Optimization - SEO has become the most-heard word in the Internet world today. It simply means designing the website in such a way that it is better picked up by the popular search engines. SEO is generally done by making the webpage rich in a popular keyword.

However, designing the page format in such a way that the search engines rank it better is also a part of SEO. One way to do this is by keeping media files to a minimum on the page. Also, there should be a sizeable amount of content on the page for it to be ranked.

(iii) Forum and Blog Submissions - People with online businesses find some forums and blogs that are relating to their products. Then they participate actively on these forums and blogs by making submissions. The submissions could permit a link to their own websites. In this way, there is better exposure of the website, which could directly mean better traffic.

(iv) Link Sharing - Link sharing is a seemingly easy process, but it might be actually quite difficult to do. It is the exchange of links with some other website. In this way, a person visiting one website will probably visit the other one too, since its link is present on the webpage.

Link sharing can be both paid and free. Websites that already have a good presence on the net will put other websites' links for a fee, while new sites will do it for free since they will also want to increase their visibilities.

(v) Directory Submissions - There are some open directories on the Internet, where websites submit their links. These directories could be both free and paid. The purpose of putting links on the directories is that the site becomes more prominent on the Internet and hence attracts better traffic.

(vi) Lead Generation - Leads are prospective clients who can make business with the website. Any information, such as email ids, of these people is also called as leads. Every website has their leads. In most cases, they would swap these leads with another website or sell them for a fee.

Then these leads could be pursued through email marketing. Through these emails, a website can invite people to visit their website. This is a much focused way of garnering some Internet traffic.

These are some of the prevailing methods online businesses use to drive traffic to their websites. After all, traffic is the most important thing for which all Internet businesses hanker.
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