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Automation Features of an E-mail Marketing Service

Aug 17, 2007
An e-mail list management and autoresponder service is a major component of business automation efforts. From list building to management of subscribers, an e-mail management service can help to boost your sales and save you valuable time and money. The benefits of such a service are many and all will lead you toward an automated business process.

Managing your Opt-in lists
One of the main functions of an autoresponder service is the ability to manage multiple lists. List management includes the handling of subscribers, the automation of subscriber movement between lists, as well as automatic deletion upon user request. Sign-ups occur through a web form or subscription box that can be placed on your site. Most systems also allow subscribers to join by sending an e-mail.

Most e-mail list management systems also have features to control the adding or removal of subscribers to lists based upon certain events such as add or removal requests to a specific list. Users that decide to opt-out of your e-mail list can do so with a simple, single request through an unsubscribe list that is included in all of your e-mails.

Sending e-mail messages
An autoresponder system simplifies the task of sending e-mails to one or more of your lists. There exists two types of e-mails that you can send: broadcasts and follow-up messages. Broadcasts are standard e-mails that you send to the lists that you desire and at the times that you specify. Follow-up messages are pre-written e-mails that are sent automatically to a list subscriber at the intervals that you set.

One of the best features of an e-mail list management and autoresponder system is personalization. Personalization is important because it helps you to develop a relationship with your subscribers as each message is personalized with their name or other specified information. Personalized fields, or tags, can easily be inserted into your e-mail message and the system automatically replaces the tags with the information from each specific subscriber.

Automatic downloads
An autoresponder system allows you to automate the distribution of an electronic product through a web link in one of your follow-up messages. The automatic sending of follow-up messages allows you to distribute a purchased product or a free gift to your subscribers.

FAQ lists
Use your e-mail list management and autoresponder system to set-up a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list and automatically delivery the FAQs through a follow-up message series. Advantages include the automatic delivery of the FAQs directly to the inbox of each of your subscribers. Many find that this not only saves time but also reduces the amount of support requests that are submitted to your customer support desk and often results in improved customer relations.

Offer an X-day e-mail course (e-course) as an enticement to visitors to sign-up to your mailing list. Simply use a follow-up message series and the e-course will be delivered automatically over the period of days that you specify.

Newsletter management
A publication can easily be sent out and managed with an e-mail list management service. Doing so will put your newsletter on autopilot. Select a pre-defined newsletter template or customize your own. Simply insert your newsletter message and schedule the date and time for your newsletter to be sent to your list.

There exists many ways to automate your business. The set-up and use of an e-mail list management and autoresponder system may be one of the most powerful steps that you can take for your business.
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Brad Semp uses his Cashmap techniques to lead entrepreneurs and business owners to higher revenues and profits. Brad provides free, step-by-step help for setting up an e-mail list management and autoresponder service in his Listping Cashmap product at http://www.ListpingCashmap.com
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