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Business Coaching Behavior and Skills

Aug 17, 2007
Business coaching is a profession that provides business-related instructions and directions through encouragement and proper guidance. It helps in enhancing the efficiency of the employee and achieves professional growth. It boosts your performance and sharpens business skills. The importance of business coaching has increased manifolds when analyzed in terms of enhancing leadership qualities in employees. It helps a businessperson to develop unique business plans. It forms an essential element of the business world and offers many career options.

Business coaches today are aware of the importance of psychological competence in business coaching. The psychological growth and performance improvement holds immense importance in the corporate world. It is considered to be one of the most significant ways to develop a work environment, conducive to learning processes and several business functions.

The basic idea behind behavior business coaching lies in the fact that it is the most accurate predictor of various future behavior patterns and work performances. It incorporates information from psychology, which includes behavior, social, industrial, clinical, developmental and organizational success. In addition to psychology, behavior based coaching is also influenced by philosophy, adult education, leadership theories, management and system theories. Some of the major areas of behavioral business coaching include knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences, talents and behavior such as emotions, feelings, sentiments and attitudes.

Principles of behavior based coaching have developed over the years with the combination of evidence based psychology and tried and tested management, organizational change principles and leadership.

These days, a corporate culture demands that individuals and organizations should be flexible to the frequent requirements of the company. It is important for leaders and managers of an organization to understand the need for change and how to change, to get the desired results. Behavioral business coaching is considered to be very important in the business world mainly because one can acquire technical competencies, but proper behavioral patterns can be learnt only through the experiences of life.

Behavioral based coaching enhances the managerial skills in executives and helps them to improve their professional skills and confidence. Business coaching teaches them to learn to be rational and alert in every possible area of work. Besides, it also explains the importance of taking control of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the organization and may call for effective contribution.

Business coaching helps an organization grow manifolds, by enhancing the working efficiency of employees. They incorporate effective ways and skills to bring out the best in every employee. Some of the benefits of effective business coaching skills are as follows:

1) Business coaches help in relating to others in an easy and transparent manner. It helps establish and strengthen partnerships, based on mutual appreciation and respect. In addition, it also allows business executives to express their fears and queries with ease. It helps executives understand, analyze and find solutions to their problems.

2) A well-constructed business coaching system enables people to ponder over a number of problems and find appropriate solutions. An efficient business coach never dictates his opinions over others nor spoon-feeds them. The basic responsibility is to train the executives on how to find a middle path in a complicated situation. It helps executives to develop the confidence, to face new challenges without any hesitation.
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