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Organized Internet Marketing Ideas Are Worth A Fortune

Aug 17, 2007
The Internet Marketers must continuously generate new ideas to market their businesses on line. The speed at which the Internet moves forces the Internet Marketer to stay creative 24/7. With so many ideas running through your mind you probably find it difficult to stay organized. You may even find it difficult to focus on finishing jobs while trying to keep your other ideas alive in your mind.

Here is a method I use to keep the creative juices flowing while staying organized:

Post It Notes: Grab your self a big block of those 4 X 4 sticky notes. Leave them on your desk, in your brief case or by your bed. When you get an Internet Marketing idea jot it down and place it in plain view. My sticky notes are stuck to the wall in front of my desk. If you need even more organization get yourself the colored sticky notes. For instance I use specific colors to jot down ideas for particular topics. Blue is for my air purification web sites, green is for my lead company, pink for joint ventures. You get the idea.

Date your notes. This is important for those opportunities that you do get to take time to browse through the whole group of ideas. The date keeps the fresh ideas up and front. The older ones may still be good ideas but you may never get to them if they are truly aged. It is important to clean your board so that it stays a vital part of your business. Your post it note board should be full of life and consistently change to stay effective.

Pick a day at least once per month to review your ideas. It is fun and profitable to go through your sticky notes. Some of my notes are absolutely ridiculous and I wonder what in the world I was thinking. Those notes should be placed in the trash can. Others are fabulous and have allowed some very creative and profitable business plans to be set into action.

The good Internet Marketing ideas should be sorted and moved to specific spots in the board so that action can be taken on them. When I do sort out my board the ideas I am going to work on in the next couple of weeks get placed into a goal planning book. Those that are good ideas stay on the board until the next round.

Sticky notes allow those Internet Marketing ideas to continuously flow. It takes 10 seconds to jot down a simple note that may be the most wonderful idea you ever had. If you don't write it down the idea may be lost forever.
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