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Don't Giveaway What Your Prospects Already Have

Aug 17, 2007
Most sales letter you read today offer free bonuses on the purchase of their main product. Usually, they are ebooks, software or other tools that are typically widely available on the web, for free in many cases. If you want your offer to really stand out, offer something different, something your prospect doesn't already have, or hasn't been offered many other times.

1. Offline Directory - Create an online directory of offline resources. You could include names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. It is still rather rare that offline resources are offered with online products, yet they can be a great tool for your prospect, we all live in the offline world at some point!

2. eBook Of Reviews - Publish an ebook of stuff that's related to your target audience that you could review like products, web sites, movies, etc. Reviews are always popular, build your credibility and give confidence to your customer that he is making a sound decision by buying from you.

3. Round Table Chat - You could schedule a group chat of people your customers would want to meet and talk to on the internet. Chat interfaces and services are widely available now, often times for free, and offering this type of meeting is definitely a great selling point.

4. Intelligence E-mail Alerts - Allow your customers to sign up to an e-mail alert list. You can alert them when you find out news that could affect their life. Clearly show the value of the publication and how relevant it is to your audience.

5. Statistics eReport - You could compile a report of different statistics that's related to their purchase. It could be surveys, tests, special studies, etc. Numbers often are a great selling tool and speak for themselves. Customers like to see facts that confirm what they are thinking, or help them make a sound decision.

6. Personal Notes eFile - Collect notes that you've taken about your industry and compile them into a downloadable file. People like to see a personal touch, even in the online world. They like to deal with real people that think like them and can provide personalized information.

7. Profile eBook - Publish a profile ebook or report of people your target audience are interested in. You can list their birthdays, interests, age, hobbies, etc. It can also be success stories, how they got to where they are, what approach they recommend, or which dangers to avoid.

8. E-mail Lessons - Teach a class via e-mail about a subject your customers want to learn. E-mail them study materials, worksheets, assignments, etc. Customers often like to be handheld, shown step-by-step what to do to succeed. If they feel they can get that from you they will more likely deal with you.

9. Sample Of Another Product - Give customers a free sample of another product as a bonus. It could be a basic version, excerpt, limited service, etc.

10. To Do List Or Instructions - Publish a list of instructions or things to do in order to accomplish a goal your customers would want to complete.

Those are just a few ideas of things you can offer for free that help you stand out of the crowd. Especially if you are selling affiliate products, what will differentiate you are the little extras you do. Don't hesitate to go the extra mile, it always pays.
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