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Aug 17, 2007
I was contacted the other day by a lady who had been contemplating whether or not to sign up for an internet marketing course. Since such courses are usually not cheap, with a price tag of USD1500 being the norm, she was looking for someone who had "been there and done that", to shed some light on whether such courses were effective. Besides I had been referred by a mutually trusted friend who had benefited from my trial and error internet marketing experience over a cup of coffee.

By the way, some of the things I've personally got my hands dirty with include Google Adwords, Blogging with Blogger and Wordpress softwares, RSS to Blog 4.5, RSS to Blog Mass Installer, Affiliate Marketing Systems, Leverage Affiliate Marketing, Sales of Info Products, Co Reg Leads, Multiple Traffic Exchanges Lead Generation, Offline to Online Marketing, Article Marketing, Video Syndication, Forum Marketing, Co Registration Marketing, Automated Income Systems, Copy Writing, Email Marketing, 3 different auto responder services, and 3 types of hosting services, Niche Marketing with Adwords and Name Squeeze pages, and Viral Marketing.

What may not work for some may work for others. At the end of the day, tempering focus and knowing when to dump an internet project to move on can only be obtained through experience. Some tools I paid money for helped fatten my bank account, others gave me less then stellar results. (At this point, I dare to say that there is no one tool on the internet that is going to make you rich. It's the right chemistry of a few tools and techniques coming together that fattens ones bank account)

Going for an internet marketing course is like paying to get a degree. Does getting a degree guarantee that you are going to become rich and successful? It does not. It's what we do with the knowledge, the doors that opened because of the degree that determine whether we become rich or not in future.

Its important to realize that after attending such seminars, there is going to be work to be done. The earth will not move without applying the knowledge. The most important thing is to 1st find out if anyone you know has succeeded in making money after applying the techniques outlined in the course.

Internet Marketing sounds sexy, and it is, there are people I know living the lifestyle of an internet wealth tycoon, and its an exciting lifestyle. When people think of making money from the internet, the idea is that they can make lots money even in their sleep or without having to sell anything face to face. Its also a great alternative income. At least these were my motivation factors that drew me to making money from the internet.

So before signing for an internet marketing seminar, be prepared to do work after the excitement is over in order to realize the internet wealth tycoon dream. If you're able to commit to this, then seminars are worth going for.
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