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Success In Marketing Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Aug 17, 2007
The biggest problem with the carpet cleaning industry is that anyone can get in with little money. In many cases, carpet cleaning businesses are started on less than a few thousand dollars. Then, the start-up "entrepreneurs" jump in with no marketing plan. The only way they know to compete is by price. They figure if they charge the cheapest prices in town, they'll get lots of business.

Don't feel bad if that's how you started. Heck, it's how I started. But what you can do is use your competitor's lack of education to your advantage. Based on most of the advertising I see, it won't be hard to beat them.

First, make sure you have a reason for you existence. Why is your company needed in your market place? What is your unique selling proposition? If you are just another carpet cleaner, you might as well quit and get a real job. I'm sure your city has enough average Joe cleaners. You must have an aim on offering something different to your community.

Some examples on market differentiation would be: pet odor removal specialty, highest level of service, oriental rug expert, or steam cleaning with fast drying. The idea is to offer something that nobody else in your area markets very well. It's okay if there is another company doing it. Just make sure it's something that isn't already heavily marketed in your area.

After you've differentiated yourself, make sure all your marketing complements each other. For example, if your position is that you give the highest level of service, you shouldn't charge average prices. If you convince your client that you give the highest level of service and the price quote you give is comparable to other companies, they'll sense something is wrong. Subconsciously, they won't believe your entire message.

If you are the pet odor removal specialist, you should run ads about pet odor. But don't stop there. Do everything you can to promote how wonderful life can be with pets. Have a section in your newsletter with a plug for the humane society. Put a blog on your website written by your dog. Be active in local animal groups. Advertise in their newsletters. Paint your van like a huge spotted puppy. Go crazy with it. Do something different.

Consumers love to spend money on a company with new ideas. The world doesn't need another seafood restaurant. But a seafood restaurant where you catch the food yourself, and the chef prepares your meal in front of you would be something unique.

Everything you say to sell your service is marketing. It should all tell the same story of your market position. Don't be boring. Break out of the box. Heck, don't even keep the box around. Throw it in the trash.

Be different and people will beg to do business with you.
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