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To Succeed, You Must Track Your Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

Aug 17, 2007
A successful business promotes its products and services to people who need them. It's the same with affiliate marketing. To earn commissions, you have to reach your products to the people who need them. It is possible to find your particular niche and achieve great sales. It's all about tracking and managing you internet marketing affiliate programs. When you track your results, you can eliminate the affiliate marketing programs that aren't working out, and promote more aggressively the programs that are selling.

There are many affiliate networks with multiple internet marketing affiliate programs and merchants. You can easily keep track of all the affiliate programs in a single network. You will have one username and password and a single interface that controls all the programs. But if you have many of your own affiliate programs or if you promote a lot of independent affiliate marketing programs through your website, then being organized is absolutely essential since it gets more complicated.

Several software programs on the Internet can help you organize and monitor the data related to your internet marketing affiliate programs. These programs maintain a database structure showing program name, date joined, contact name, URL, email id, user id, password, first tier percent, first tier sale, second tier percent, second tier sale, total income generated, and comments. Some advanced software programs help you analyze and compare affiliate marketing programs. You can calculate click-to-sale ratios, impression to sale ratios, amount earned per impression and click, etc. The top internet marketing affiliate programs already give you this kind of information without charging you for it.

Make Sure That Your Website Is Always Operational!

What you should do on a daily basis is type in your URL into your browser's address bar, refresh the page and see if you're still online. If you run a pay per click advertising campaign, and your site is down, you suffer in terms of lost sales and expenses. You have to pay for the clicks even if your site is down. So keep track daily or even twice a day. You will get the right picture about where your income is coming from and which affiliate marketing programs are working best for you. Use the statistics interface for every network and individual affiliate partner and key in your total revenues into the accounting software. This keeps track of overdue checks. If there are queries from your affiliate partners or customers about your products or services, promptly answer them as it means they are interested in buying. Be sure to check the internet marketing affiliate programs you are promoting to see if there is anything preventing you from getting paid. For example, you may not be getting your checks because you have not confirmed your address or verified the bank account you want to receive your affiliate marketing deposits. If you double check your affiliate marketing programs, than you don't run the risk of getting your money later than expected.
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