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Grow Your Wealth With Your Own Online Piggy Banks

Aug 17, 2007
How many of you recall having your own piggy bank when you were a child? Even up till today, piggy banks are still a norm among the young, especially among children. Parents use them as a teaching tool to teach children about money and savings.

With the traditional piggy bank which comes in many shapes & designs, one will need to deposit some money into it until it becomes full. After that, the amount is usually taken out to be invested and to grow it further.

In other words, there is a time delay factor before your piggy bank becomes 'full'. The rate at which you can fill up the piggy bank will depend on how much and how fast you can put money into the said piggy bank.

This means it will take longer for you to grow your wealth.

The good news and amazing thing is that with the Internet, you can fast forward and overcome the time factor when it comes to growing your wealth.

The Internet makes it easy for anyone who wishes to opearate an online business. There are many proven online business models such as affiliate marketing and
Google adsense. There are real life stories of entrepreneurs, publishers and business owners who are making a full-time income from Google adsense and affiliate marketing.

The online piggy bank model that I am referring to is actually a hybrid of affiliate marketing and Google Adsense, which combines the best of both worlds.

With Google Adsense, you will get paid for every advertisement that the user clicks. For the affiliate programs, you will get paid if the person whom you refer makes a purchase. The amount of commission will depend on the vendor itself.

Imagine if you can set up multiples of such sites. Each of these site in essence is your very own piggy bank, helping you to make money on complete autopilot and to grow your wealth faster.

As mentioned, the Internet is an amazing and fantastic tool, one of the best inventions of mankind.

The good news is you can easily create your own online piggy banks using the following steps:

a) Choose a niche topic which is of interest to people, normally things or hobbies that people do in the real world like fishing, photography, wedding etc.

b) Create a series of articles on the topic you've chosen

c) Sign up with Google adsense and merchants that offer affiliate programs like Clickbank, Amazon etc

d) Insert your Google adsense id and your affiliate id into the articles you've written

e) Register a domain name and upload the articles

f) Drive some traffic to these sites through blogs, forums and so on.

All it takes on your part is just the time to locate a topic and source or write the articles, then upload it. Fortunately for you there is a also a way to automate the tasks of researching the topic and writing the articles.
About the Author
Brandon Hong is a leading internet marketer and author. He has helped and trained many business owners to grow their business using advanced strategies like blogs, rss as well as creating multiple passive online income streams. http://www.piggybanksmonthly.com
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