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The Luggage You Should Carry

Aug 17, 2007
When you travel, you may be faced with the dilemma of what size of luggage to take along with you. You may get confused on whether to gear up with just one carry on bag so you may need to economize and force to fit all of your clothes in a single bag or you can bring along those gigantic ones so that you can bring many items and have extra room for some shopped items.

You can basically simplify your decision making process. The first thing that you need to take a look at would be your itinerary. Consider the number of days or duration of your trip, the climate and the possible activities that you'll be engaged in. With these considerations, you can make a list and select the clothes, shoes, accessories and other possible articles that you will be packing.

When you have already narrowed down the items that you will be taking on your trip, it is now time to decide on the luggage type. You can find many luggage types and varieties in the market. You have the soft-sided types that have multi-compartments to help you organize your belongings. This is best recommended when packing light. You also have your roller bags, backpack bags and roller boards. These roller boards have been designed to fit effortlessly on the plane's overhead compartments and under plane seats. However, you cannot expect this type of luggage to hold many contents and most designs do not have compartments for easy separation items and easy reach.

For those who are expecting to be bringing many items with them, large duffel bags and large suitcases are a favorite. Duffel bags though are not convenient to carry as they are bulky and heavy plus it needs to be slung over your shoulder for which the weight can be such a burden. Newer models and designs though have wheels on them for easy transport. Duffel bags can crumple clothes so these are recommended for casual clothes. Your hard-sided luggage can basically protect its contents but ensure to purchase one that is of good quality, durable, has a proper balance and a good set of wheels. Check its overall construction, its locks and hinges. If possible choose luggage that are lightweight.

The amount of clothes that you should bring should not be based on the possible largest luggage you have or could purchase or on how many bags you can manage to carry rather it should be based on practically what you need. Select the most appropriate and minimal sized luggage.
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