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Using Google Adwords To Make Money With Your Business

Aug 17, 2007
With any online business the main key to success is generating targeted traffic for your website. There are a number of different ways you can go about doing this, however everyone wants to see fast results, and the only way to achieve such results is to spend money on advertising. Probably the most fastest way to bring in high quality targeted traffic to your website would be Google Adwords.

For those that of you that do not know what Google Adwords is its a place you join and pay money for your ads to be shown on the side of Google for keywords you pick. The keywords you choose are targeted around your business and product which results you in receiving highly targeted traffic.

Now picking your keywords to use can be very difficult especially if you are in a very completive business. Some keywords could get up to has high as a dollar or more per click. You would probably want to stay away from those keywords, and stick to the cheaper ones that are more targeted. If you can pick high targeted keywords you will increase your ROI. So how much should you spend for each keyword? Well each keyword will be different. It all really depends on how popular the word or word phrase is. That is why if you can be as specific as you can the cost for the keyword will greatly come down.

I usually tell people not to spend no more then 35 cents per click for any given keyword. However sometimes that just is not possible if your targeting very popular keywords.

Now lets go over a few steps you need to take to setup a Google Adwords account.

1. Create a account with Google Adwords

2. Login and create a ad campaign

3. Fill out your title and description using a catchy headline that stands out along with a good ad body

4. Now choose very targeted keywords that relate to your business

5. Set a daily budget as well as a CPC cost per click for your keywords

Once you do those five steps you will have your very first Google Adwords campaign setup and ready to go. You can also make other ad groups if you choose to do so. Doing this will allow you to target other keywords that also relate to your business or product. Remember PPC pay per click will be your fastest way to draw high quality traffic to your website. So if your looking for fast result then this is your answer.
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