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Starting A Home Based Internet Business - SEO Facts And Figures

Aug 17, 2007
There are many techniques hereby starting a home based internet business can become a pleasure to conduct. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of them. This is a tool which is used extensively to promote the ranking of your website. But why is the ranking of my page so important when starting a home based internet business? I have fantastic products and/or services, excellent customer service, personalized reply to queries and so on. In other words I am giving the best there is - and then why SEO is still important to rank my website.

This is a question which comes up many times when you are new to online functioning, when starting a home based internet business. You can judge the answer from the following statistics:

1. The traffic generated to a website, about 90 per cent of it, is through organic searches which are done with keywords on search bars on popular search engines.

2. Organic traffic far exceeds the number of traffic generated through all other leads put together, i.e. paid ads, banners, affiliation, etc.

3. If your website does not figure on the first three result pages of a search, you simply do not exist, because after that the surfer will key in some other keywords.

4. Even with the advent of so many fantastic and hi-fi methods, SEO remains the most efficient tool for promotion and also the most cost-effective.

5. Your website ranking can jump from 300 to the first three with just a small adjustment in SEO strategy and keywords. It is simple and extremely effective.

Looking at the above statistics and statements, you must have gathered a basic picture in your mind on how important SEO can be to your starting a home based internet business. Using the SEO to the best possible extent can always be done through professional web hosting service providers. When asking them to do so, keep in mind three key factors that optimize the SEOs:

1. Proper link of the title page to the website content: It is good to know that when starting a home based internet business you need a well worded title page with accurately descriptive keywords peppered in it. This will attract the attention of the top search engines and identify your website during organic searches.

2. Search engines use "spiders" to match keywords to the websites. Spiders will pick up your website based on the coding and markers your page has and its keywords. Spiders slow down when they encounter tables and incorrect codings. Hence, avoid tables unless strictly required and ensure correct coding of the web pages of your site.

3. Register with search engines manually. Your presence is directly tied up to the capacity of the search engine to recognize your website. Ensure you register manually as today most search engines will reject automated entries.

SEO is a fantastic tool when starting a home based internet business. Just remember that you need to be seen, to connect and to stay on top of the search lists.
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