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Successful Network Marketing is Attained from Within

Aug 17, 2007
Network marketing success is not something you can find "out there" through an opportunity, sponsor, or upline. Rather, it's an inside job.

Success in network marketing need not come to only a select few. It is all about you in the long run, and it doesn't happen by accident. Success in any network marketing business is based on your productivity and taking action mentally, physically, and sometimes even more importantly, emotionally.

In most online network marketing businesses today, you will hear more about their failures than successes, but truly, the only real determining factor in successful network marketing is who you look at in the mirror every morning.

No marketing plan will ever determine your network marketing success. Nor will the product line or company. No matter how often you see it screamed from the scam forums, even your upline is not responsible for creating your network marketing success. Your uplines' responsibility to you is simply to help create and facilitate the *opportunity* for your success, i.e. to increase your odds of success with the support of guidance and training. It's up to you to decide how to use and implement that guidance.

The journey to all personal network marketing success is paved with seeking education, learning, doing and growing. It is a must to learn some new skills and change some of your thinking, actions and reactions pertaining to online business.

Most people don't understand this fact, but your success will be in direct proportion to your personal growth and development! Successful network marketing has many aspects and includes persistence, consistent promotion, and patience, but a positive attitude is equally critical to achieving successful results. Marketers with doubtful minds who lack self-confidence and determination to follow through on those key elements, even when given the best proven tools and systems for success ... will ... still ... fail.

For network marketing success attainment, attitude is as important as ability. Attitude can seem like such a little thing, but it makes a huge difference in your personal and professional success. It is more important than skills, talent, experience, education or intelligence.

To different people, the same world is a hell... or a heaven. A success-oriented attitude creates the positive difference. Nothing can stop the person with a positive mental attitude from achieving his goal. And on the other hand, nothing on earth can help the person with a negative mental attitude.

A successful attitude is not something you are born with. Rather, it's something you have a choice about. Accepting the fact that there will always be some situations that are difficult and that there will always be problems to solve is essential. Having a successful attitude cannot alter what exists, but it can influence your future by helping you choose how to deal positively with the things you encounter every day. Your perspective on challenging situations, not the problem itself, will determine your success or failure.

Regardless of the vehicle, upline, product, service or opportunity you choose, the choice to take massive, positive, and focused action to attain success, or to use massive lame excuses to produce mediocrity is totally up to you. At the end of every day, you and only you will ever determine your success ... or failure.

Take responsibility for it, get out there, and shine!
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