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Take A Smart Approach to Online Surveys

Aug 17, 2007
Ever want to express your opinion and get paid like actual consultants do? Well, you can when you take an online survey for money. The catch, however, is finding companies that provide reputable offers.

When you take an online survey for money, you'll want to look for a few things to ensure the company you're dealing with is totally above board. Whether you find online surveys that pay through a service or do it directly, watch out for:

* Companies you don't know anything about or can't find information on. You don't want to share personal advice, such as mailing addresses, and shopping preferences with a business you can't verify. Be smart and try to take an online survey for money with those companies that check out.

* Avoid giving out your Social Security number. While this might be necessary in some cases, be very wary if this is asked for to complete an online survey. Your Social Security number can be used for all sorts of nefarious reasons beyond helping the government track your earnings. Be wise and check out a company very well before giving up this kind of information.

* Guard bank account/credit card numbers. A good survey company shouldn't request these to be able to pay you, but if they do, again, make sure you've checked them out. Don't open the door for scammers.

* Take care about giving your telephone number out. If you feel at all like the offer is one that will result in a lot of calls you don't want, be wary.

* Surveys that try to glean too much personal information. This holds true in most cases, but there are exceptions. If, for example, you've agreed to take a survey about a medical condition, personal information might be completely necessary and totally justified.

As you look to take an online survey for money, you will find there are a number of services that help match survey takers and companies. These are generally a very good route to go to be able to take an online survey for money. This is so for a number of reasons:

* Good marketing companies take the time to prescreen survey takers and companies that need to glean information to make sure the products and/or services in question are actually used.

* These companies simply know where to find good surveys for you to take. It can be hard to find a survey that actually pays, but these folks can find them and match them to your personal tastes and needs.

* Prescreening of the veracity of offers. Since matching clients with surveys to take is their bread and butter, good marketing companies and programs make a point of ensuring the offers are legitimate. This cuts down on you wasting your time.

It's more than possible to take an online survey for money, but it is important to exercise common sense. If you aren't comfortable, don't give our your information. Do remember to check things out carefully before proceeding. And, most importantly, have fun!
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