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Is Telling Lies The Formula for Wealth?

Aug 17, 2007
It seems that many people these days find it easy to tell lies in order to get themselves ahead. Research any business opportunity and you'll find what I am saying to be true. Several people making income claims that they have no proof to back up. My favorite is pictures of cars and houses, as though those items can help a potential member achieve anything. But yet, people seem to be attracted to "shiny" things, so those using these tactics tend to end up making a good amount of money.

The formula for success for these scam artists appears to be quite shameful to me. Step one, make up lies about the income you are making. Step two, claim to be the top income earner even though you just joined the company. Step three, prey upon those seeking the true dream of wealth and leave them high and dry because you can't teach them to lie to others as you just did. Sickening.

As the popularity of these programs increase, these fakers seem to be popping up everywhere. I actually had someone send me an email stating that they made four $1000 commissions in one day - and this was BEFORE the $1000 product was even available! Pathetic!

Fortunately, if you do your due diligence, you will be able to find the true leaders of the company who got there ethically and with their integrity intact.

How do you do this? Here are a few steps you can take no matter what company you are researching. First, follow the direction of the company owner. For example, company owners sometimes choose to interview a select group of individuals, and they would not have done so if these people were not legitimate. Joining these individuals, or their members should be a safe bet. Second, if someone is claiming to make a certain amount of income, simply ask them for proof. It is simple quite for someone really making decent income to provide some form of proof for you. Third, make sure the person you join will be able to plug you into some type of system that will give you a chance to have similar success to them. Training calls, opportunity calls, and proven marketing tips all lead to having a successful system. If you find a team that makes up a majority of the company's sales, you know you've found a great system. Lastly, make sure your sponsor will be available for help. If you are contacting them for information and they take more than 24 hours to get in touch with you, what will it be like once they already have your money?

Follow this advice, and you will avoid many of the pitfalls of internet marketing. The sponsor you choose can be the difference between making retirement income and having to get a second job to make up for wasted money.
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