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Targeted Web Site Traffic To Your Home Internet Business By SEO Article

Aug 17, 2007
Search engine optimized or SEO article, has a nice set of benefits for your home internet business.

It pre sells the landing page, brings targeted web site visitors, make visitors want more about the issue, brings free traffic for years and will build up your authority image. On the top of this, the SEO articles with new keywords, can carry the web site into new markets. ( You can bookmark this page press Ctrl+D ).

These benefits of the SEO article make it one of the most effective tool to promote your home internet business. Because a SEO article uses only on page optimization technique, without any backlinks, you have to follow a certain technique in writing.

I will go through the technique, which is not difficult to learn but requires a lot of discipline.

How To Write A Home Internet Business SEO Article?

1.Pick the theme for your SEO article.

For instance this article has a theme, which you can read from the headline. The theme has to be very relative to the topic of the landing page, i.e. to include the same promise so that a reader can smoothly move into the landing page and bocome even more interested.

2.Choose from 2 to 3 keyphrases.

As an example this article uses two keyphrases related to home internet business, both are already in the title. It is easier to write a SEO article, if the keyphrases have a natural link between each other, like SEO article brings targeted web site traffic to the home internet business.

I suggest, that you will select keyphrases with Overture demand of from 1.000 to 3.000 a month to keep and Google supply under 10 million, to keep the competition moderate for your home internet business.

3.Research five top competitors.

It is very important to research your top competitors, because SEO article writing uses 100 % on page optimization techniques, without no backlinks.To be able to get the pole position at Google, you simply have to beat the competion per each keyphrase.

Analyze the competition per each keyphrase and if you found out that the page, which is not properly optimized, there is your chance. On the top of that, if there is no links and PR is 0, your chances are even better.

4.Write your main keyphrase into the title, body and the author box of your SEO article.

Let us say you have each of your keyphrase mentioned ten times, then you have to write them at least once using bold, italic and underlined fonts. Search engines love this! A practical rule is to write the keyword in each paragraph of appr. 4 lines.

5.Write your both keyphrases into the author box.

In this way you will build an anchor text for your link.This anchor text will influence in a very positive way into the search engine ranking of the landing page. This is why it is very important to use the same keywords in the SEO articles, which you have used on your home page. For search engines, the anchor text is a sign of the related link.

6.Finally, use always unique content.

Write always your SEO article by yourself. Your readers and search engine spiders like this. And if your target is to build an image of the authority among your home internet business visitors, the unique content is the only way.
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