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Why You Shouldnt Waste Your Time Selling Low Ticket Items

Aug 17, 2007
Ok if youre reading this article most likely you are out searching on the Internet for away to make some type of extra income. You may or may not have seen these little programs that claim you can make all this money working from the comfort of your home and they only cost $49.95.

Sounds great right? You can make all this money online for only $49.95. Wrong! Those are just cheap little mind games and tactics people put on their websites so you buy the junky program they offer, but then in the end you wish you never had bought it.

Why, because they dont live up to what they say, and its not as easy as these little programs make it out to be. Ive purchased my fair share of little $39.95 e-books, and programs. Never in my entire life has one made me money. Sure they all offered information about how to make money online, but that was it. In the end each program I purchased said the same thing as the last one. They would just keep repeating the same information over and over again.

What good is that? Why do you want to learn something you already know? Another thing was that the only real way to make any money was to run around and resell their little junky e-book or program. Which buy the way you would only make about $25 or so. Im not sure about you but I would rather earn $1,000 rather then $25. The old saying goes that it is just as hard to resell at $25 product, as it is a $1,000 product. So why work so hard for so little? Because these little programs make you believe that it really is easy as 1-2-3, when really it isnt, because if it was that easy everyone in the world would be working at home, and everyone would have a job.

So the next time you come by a website that offers a cheap program for $45 or something stay away from it. I know the price sounds great, but that is just a trick to get you to buy trust me. The saying is correct and that is you get what you pay for, and in this case youre paying for JUNK.

So this my friend is why you shouldnt waste your time or your hard earned money on these little programs that make false and unrealistic claims.
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