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Job Hunt Backlash . . . How The Tough Questions Can Strangle You!

Aug 17, 2007
If your job hunt is going smoothly, you may become complacent. You may think you can cream any interview because you're sharp enough to handle anything that's thrown at you. But be careful!

Now is the time to be prepared for job hunt backlash . . . you know, the kind of questions an interviewer may throw at you to unsettle you and find your weak spots. It happens almost every time. And unfortunately unprepared candidates fall right into the trap . . . and strangle their chances.

Job hunt tip: Be prepared for tough questions. Don't become defensive!

Human nature being what it is, we tend to become defensive when confronted with something we don't like to hear about ourselves. We feel we have to explain. We have to protect our image. We can't let someone else think we're not as good as we think we are.

So we have to show the other person they're wrong. Trouble is . . . no one likes to be told they're wrong. Especially if you're a prospective employer.

In fact, employers will frequently ask difficult questions just to see how you respond. If you get defensive you just lost! So you need to be prepared for the tough questions that come your way. And you need to have a way to respond that opens door rather than close them.

So, here's a simple 3-step process guaranteed to defuse tough job search questions and create respect.

STEP ONE: Acknowledge the legitimacy of an employer's concern by saying, "I appreciate your concern," or "I certainly understand why you would want to know that."

STEP TWO: Give an employer an alternate, more positive way of considering an objection. For example, you could say, "My lack of experience in your business actually works to our advantage. It means I can bring fresh thinking to the table and an opportunity to show you innovative ways of getting the job done."

STEP THREE: Illustrate your alternate positive statement with a story taken from your experienced that demonstrates in very picturesque and memorable ways how you handle situations like that. Then show the benefit that this experience brings to the organizations.

Like we said before, the secret to avoiding job hunt backlash is to be prepared. Certainly, you want to have responses worked out and practiced for the obvious liabilities an employer might find in you and your background. Be hones with yourself. Put them down in a list and prepare a strategy for each using the 3-step method we showed you above.

But the questions that can sink you are the ones that you can't prepare for . . . but you have to be ready for. If you memorize and practice out loud the 3-step response, you'll come across like a pro even if your answer isn't right on the money. You'll be a winner because you didn't become defensive. And you'll win the respect of the interviewer.
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