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Starting A Home Based Internet Business - Seven Important Don'ts

Aug 17, 2007
Starting a home based internet business involves basically the same strategies that come with starting any other business. That means, the bottom line is customer retention and profits. How you are going to get the end result depends very much on how you would be handling yourself in your new business. There are lots of dos, but I am going to tell you here what the most important donts are:

1. Don't use the latest software and technology when designing your website. When starting a home based internet business you will be tempted in making your website with the latest most sophisticated tools. Of course, this will make hep website - but will alienate more than 50 percent of your audience who do not have the swanky software and hi-fi technology compatible computers.

2. Don't use slow uploading pages. Today, people do not really have patience to wait for 10 minutes till your website loads its full content pages. The prospective customer will most likely move on to another site than wait too long for your page to load. Hence, use fast loading pages and cut all that makes the page slow loading. Value your customers' time.

3. Don't have any dead-end web pages on your web site. Many times, people like to post certain links of a web site when they like something. In that case, after they see the link many times they would like to see the main website. If the link is a dead-end, then you are loosing a prospective customer. When starting a home based internet business, this is suicidal.

4. Don't have the "order now" and "contact us" buttons hidden from immediate view. When starting a home based internet business the most important thing is to build a customer base and get new orders. If the customer does not see these buttons in plain view, many times the customer changes his/her mind and moves on. Have these buttons on each and every page on your website, in plain view.

5. Don't have wild or broken links. Starting a home based internet business is first of all starting getting people attracted to your website. There is no bigger put off than a link that leads to some wild web page, or a link which does not work. Check all the time that the link you post on your website work in the manner you want them. If not, correct them or remove them immediately.

6. Do not keep a messy website. It is very irritating for a surfer to have to read and seek actively for link to what he/she needs to check out on. Many times when starting a home based internet business, the most crucial thing is to have things posted in the right order and in a user-friendly manner.

7. Do not forget to update your website at regular intervals. Your website is your shop floor, and also your notice board. Make sure you use this notice board in the best way possible. Post the news of your website, your plans, and highlights of promotions in plain view on your website.

Starting a home based internet business will be easy for you, if you remember to keep these donts out of your website.
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