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7 Benefits A Newbie Needs From The Sponsor In Internet Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
A good sponsor is a person, who can quite quickly identify, what is the professional level of a newbie for the internet home business and who can give the necessary first tips.
This is very important, because a newbie cannot judge that by himself. ( You can bookmark this page, press Ctrl+D )

When a newbie starts his internet business, the situation is quite sensitive, because he just cannot make the right questions. This is why the sponsor has to take the initiative and do the quidance.

1. The Sponsor Has To Be Experienced In Internet Home Business.

The most important job of the sponsor in the start is to be able to identify, what is the experience level a newbie has about the home business. This is the basis for all useful help. A sponsor gets this information by personal mails or phonecalls by just asking some basic questions. The key is to find out the strengths of a newbie.

2.A Sponsor Has To Be Willing To Phone And Mail.

A good sponsor realizes, that he has to make the first contacts, because the newbie just cannot do that. He just does not know where to start from. A proven, personal guidance will pull many newbies into a real internet business and self-confidence. The start is always the most difficult phase and a newbie needs then most of the help.

3.It Is Useful If The Sponsor Has His Own Web Site Or Blog.

The internet home business is a long term operation. While personal mails and phonecalls are important, they are very short term aids. A web site or blog is 24/7 in use and normally includes a lot of articles and pages about internet home business topics.

4.A Sponsor Has To Give Enough Free Material For Studying.

A free material must be useful and an experienced sponsor has the ability to pick the most useful ebooks, email courses and articles for free distribution. Normally a newbie is not willing to invest big sums into the learning material, so it is a good service from the sponsor to offer them for free.

5.A Good Sponsor Can Be Reached Quickly.

A newbie must get the answer from the sponsor within 24 hrs. This is an unwritten rule in the internet home business and is understandable, because a newbie is very eager to proceed and is a little bit nervous.

6.A Sponsor Must Give Technical Help.

Normally a newbie has no idea about HTML language, server downloads, blog start, search engine optimization and so on. However these are important skills in the internet home business. It is fair that the sponsor understands the situation of a newbie and does these technical jobs without any charge in the beginning.

7.A Newbie Needs A Mutual Co operation.

And he has to be ready to honestly co operate with the sponsor. Any kind of hype does not belong to the daily internet home business work. All communications must be fair and honest. That is the best quarantee for a profitable future business.
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