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Starting A Home Based Internet Business - All You Should Know About Domain

Aug 17, 2007
When you first think of starting a home based internet business, the first you might think off is internet and then immediately after would be the name of the new business you are about to launch. The name of the business, and actually the first thing about starting a home based internet business is the name, or as it is appropriately known, "domain".

What is a domain? Domain is the name of your online business, and the very first thing you need to have when starting a home based internet business (and any other internet based business as a matter of fact). The domain will contain of three distinct parts, i.e. the first part which is www (or World Wide Web), followed by a dot. Then you will have your business name - let us say it is 'xyz' followed by another dot (or full stop) and lastly you will have com or org, au, ro, uk, etc. The last part will indicate what type or registration you have. If it is education, it will most likely be .edu, if it is Australia is can .au, .uk for UK, .ro for Romania and so on.

Your registration will determine in the end your full domain name. The registration can be directly by you over the net, or done through the web host. Both are genuine and trouble free, the charges for yearly registration seldom exceeding $100/-. Be careful however, when you do so, that you are named as the owner (registree) and not the web host.

When starting a home based internet business you will find it very useful to have sub-domains. In this way you can keep yourself organized your website free of clutter and have a separate address for each such sub-domain. The separate address would make it very easy to post links and link pages to search engines for best SEO results.

In similar lines you could use multiple domains. The difference between multiple domains and sub-domains is that the former is used a direction provider (re-direct) and the other is a separate folder. Both services are free and both are invaluable when starting a home based internet business since one organizes and de-clutters and the other boosts search engines capacity to identify your website.

There are a number of web hosts who promote free web hosting. Never go for free web hosting when starting a home based internet business. You can have that for a hobby or personal website, but for business is a definite NO-NO. The main reason for avoiding free web hosting, besides the fact that it gives very limited services, is because if tomorrow they go bust, you will disappear with their addresses. I advise you to use good professional services both for designing your website, as well as for hosting it. You cannot afford cheapness creep in when starting a home based internet business - value for money - YES, but not cheapness.

The domain is the first and last thing that a surfer will remember about your website. Make sure you choose a easy and remember-able domain name - or you will risk oblivion. Also always have on your page a link prompting for book-marking. This can be priceless when starting a home based internet business and you want to build up traffic.
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