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Advertising Your Service Online May Yield Poor Results

Aug 17, 2007
How often have you spent money on advertising online only to be left with little, or worse, no results?

Don't feel bad, it's happened to me too.

The truth is, advertising on the Internet is becoming less and less effective every day. Why?

Because more people are starting online businesses and there is more competition when buying advertising. This drives up advertising rates and decreases response because so much more advertising is being served to the audience.

Another thing that is actually destroying much of online advertising is the black market that tries to exploit every advertising method using shady tactics.

This can be software that generates thousands of garbage pages in order to get high search engine rankings or publishers just overselling and over publishing advertisements to their list putting more money in their pocket while decreasing response for the advertiser.

The truth is, when advertising online; it's like a battlefield when trying to choose an online advertising method an even harder task to make it a profitable purchase.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are still many ways to generate traffic and make money with your website but they are becoming more and more expensive every day. This is making it impossible for the working Joe or Jane to have any kind of buying power, which almost eliminates the potential profitability that these advertising methods could have.

Another big obstacle that is affecting almost all online advertisers and business people is what is called "The Google Dance". This is what the constant barrage of changes to the Google Ranking Algorithm is called. An algorithm is a set of criteria that web pages are judged by which gives them a high or low ranking in the Google search engine.

Google's pay per click program, Adsense is also becoming a much harder place to do business in. There are big corporations that are seeking out people that don't have deep pockets and out bidding them on all of their key terms and getting all of their traffic. After a few days or few weeks, the little guy they are outbidding is out of business.

Google has also done it's own changes to weed out people that don't have large amounts of money. Recently, they raised all of the minimum bids on people bidding on niche terms and directing them to a lead capture page to $5 a click.

So someone getting 100 visitors a day and paying 5 cents a click was spending $5 a day on traffic but after this change they were instantly paying $500 a day for traffic! This turned thousands of profitable websites and businesses unprofitable at lightning speed and put many people out of business.

So what can we do to still be able to get a nice share of business and make enough money to not only succeed but also continually grow with all of these big sharks out there?

You need an advertising method that isn't overrun with big companies with deep pockets and scoundrels trying to exploit backdoors and loopholes that make the advertising ineffective.

Try advertising your website offline. Use small ads in an inexpensive media. I suggest your try small newspaper ads and postcards. Also, you should put in a plug for your website in all your newsletters and communication with current clients.
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John Braun is a copywriter with Hitman Advertising for the carpet cleaning industry. To get your FREE Advertising Planning Guide , visit www.HitmanAdvertising.com
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