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eBay Success Secrets Revealed

Aug 17, 2007
You've likely heard of people who have become multimillionaires overnight by merchandising stuff on eBay. Well, I am not alleging that it never happens but I am alleging that it's only half true.

There actually are several people who have made and continue to make fortunes by marketing stuff on eBay, nevertheless, not many of them did it overnight, if any.

All, or at the least almost all, successful marketers on eBay share at the least one common trait - they all work hard. The successful eBay Marketers don't play around in marketing on eBay.

They commit a lot of hours and lots of effort and energy into producing their success and it does not happen over night. It happens after Adequate effort has been exerted. They all put client attention on the top of their lists. They're cognizant that eBay is much like a small town with a well-functioning grapevine.

All of the genuinely successful eBay Marketers make full use of the reports that eBay provides. Ebay does not make a big deal out of these reports but they're right there under all of our proverbial noses.

Oh, and did I mention that these reports are free? They are except for those who have stores on eBay and then the cost is minimal.

The other matter that the successful eBay marketers all do is take full advantage of the free consultation service that eBay provides for all levels of sales.

These consultations are done person-to-person by phone with marketing and sales experts who work for eBay and who are well informed about the ins and outs of merchandising on eBay. They can answer questions or they can give advice and the service is free.

Ebay wants marketers to be successful. The more successful sellers are on eBay the more successful eBay itself becomes.

Did you realize that there's a 93% failure rate amongst eBay sellers? Its true but its not surprising.

It's just very much easier to fail that it is to succeed. Success requires hard work. It requires determination and it takes thought and preparation.

It requires discovering what went wrong and then working out a way to make it go correctly the next time. Success takes keeping on when everyone else gives up. Success takes tenaciousness.

Lead propagation is one of the secrets of the success of any online business. Ebay is not an exception to the rule.

Ebay can furnish you with leads easier than you can get them any other way. You'd do well if you only utilized eBay as a lead propagation tool but you can actually do more than that.

You can sell products at a gain on eBay (maybe not as big a profit as you make on your own site) as well as for lead generation. Leads are of as much or more value than one time sales.
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GR is a retired Airline Captain who now publishes articles from the USVI. Find many great articles on eBay at http://www.eBay.WAHWarriors.com
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