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3 Profitable Ways To Market Your Squeeze Page

Aug 17, 2007
There are a number of ways to have people opt-in and place them on your list, giving you the ability to keep customers coming back. One of those ways is through a Squeeze page.

There are two types, you have the first which allows for an opt-in in order to continue to the rest of the site or the second type which allows a visitor to choose to opt-in or not. Therefore, what is the reason for a squeeze page; it is because the majority of visitors to your site probably will not buy the first time, or even the second.

By using a squeeze page, you are able to collect the necessary information in order to email a sales letter to the visitor. This provides a great opportunity to announce sales and advertise your products.

First, make sure your squeeze page begins with a headline, then bullet information about the product, or service you are offering preferably the one you are giving away as a free gift for them signing up to your email list.

After all the purpose of this page is to get, them to fill out the email box and hit submit. They will want to know what they are getting in exchange for giving you their email address and their permission to email them future sales letters.

Second, make sure there are no links to other parts of your site from the squeeze page this lowers the chance of someone finishing the page and signing up because they can simply by pass it.

Third, make use of available resources when it comes to emailing visitors. Some of the best ways to attract people to your squeeze page is through emails. These are usually offered through joint venture partners, other affiliate with your site or the original product owner.

These emails usually contain links that lead to more information about what was in the particular email. The squeeze page then gives them more information about what they can find on your site, the information, product, or service you are offering, the free gift or other enticement you have set up to sway people into signing into the list.

These three things can be a great help in marketing your squeeze page and making it a working resources in marketing for your website and business. Having an online presence when it comes to business is more than just the webpage you have set up.

Effective marketing of each aspect of your site is critical in maintaining a solid and steadily growing presence on the web. One of these ways is to effectively build lists that give you a target group of interested people to keep informed about you, your product, and your website.

By making your squeeze page, interesting and informative you can turn it into a highly effective and profitable marketing tool to help you and your business. Remember to keep it simple, use enticement, and do not be afraid to use resources.
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