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Should You Use An Article Content Spinner?

Aug 17, 2007
An article content spinner is a piece of software or web based application that can take your PLR articles or original articles and turn them into a completely different article that is unique to search engine spiders and provides your website or blog with fresh content that can also be submitted to article directories for more traffic and backlinks. Let's take a look at how effective these article content spinner programs are and what are the best ways to utilize them in your Internet marketing.

First off their are two types of article content spinner programs that you can use. One is a web based program that you can pay for with a monthly membership fee, or you can find desktop based ones that you can pay for once and download to your computer. They basically have the same functions and one of them really don't have any better features than the other. It is just a matter of preference. Although the web based membership types may provide PLR articles every month for you to use along with other bonuses for your membership fee.

How Does An Article Content Spinner Work?

These programs are really not that advanced. They are basically just a word processor that replaces certain words with a related synonym. Some of them you have to do manually and some the software can do it for you automatically. Either way you should check your article after to make sure it makes sense because doing it on automatic mode can sometimes create articles that don't sound like a person wrote it.

Most of them have features that let you choose how much of the article you want to replace and what keywords you want to keep intact. One thing you should be aware of is that these programs cannot rephrase a whole sentence, but some can give you options to replace smaller two word phrases.

Are The Articles Really Unique?

The uniqueness of the article is really more up to the user. Although the article content spinner will replace a lot of words, you still have to be a little creative and shuffle around the paragraphs and rewrite a little to make it truly unique.

You also have to make sure you review the article after you spin it to make sure it makes sense. All of these programs will not automatically choose a replacement that makes sense grammatically so you will have to check it to make sure it sounds human to the person reading it and not computer generated nonsense.

Don't be fooled by the some people claiming these programs will spin articles into unique content. They do not write original pieces only rewrite already written articles. Many people get tricked into buying them thinking they will write articles for them at the push of a button and this is not the case. Believe me, if there was a program that could do this I can charge thousands for it and become a millionaire overnight.

What's The Best Way To Use An Article Content Spinner?

If you are going to try out an article content spinner then my suggestion would be to strictly use it with PLR or private label rights articles or use it on your own content. Do not try and spin other authors articles because this is plagiarism and you could get in trouble for copying other peoples work.

These spinners are good to use with PLR content because many other people are sold the same articles and use them online. When you spin a PLR article you make it a little more unique and decrease your chances of being penalized for duplicate content. This is good if you are an Adsense publisher who uses PLR and want to make your content more unique to attract more traffic.

Another method of using these article content spinners is to make variations of your own articles. If you submit the same article to multiple directories it is a good idea to change it up every time you submit it so you don't have hundreds of duplicate articles in the search engines. It is also a good idea to change around the title of the article also when you submit to multiple directories with the same article.

Should I Use One?

Deciding weather to use an article content spinner is really just a personal preference. The one main benefit is the time you save if you are a content publisher or article marketer. If you are looking for a magic article writer then an article content spinner is not for you. If you just want to make your existing articles more unique and spice up your old PLR articles into new ones than an article content spinner could be a real time saver when it comes to making a brand new article out of an old one.
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