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Yes, Leads Are Essential For Your MLM Business To Grow, But At What Cost?

Aug 17, 2007
If you'd like to put your business into profit and sustain that profitability, stop buying leads.

You might be advised by your company or by your upline leader to purchase opportunity seeker leads because they are the most responsive to your opportunity, stop that. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Just because you spend $5, $7, or $10 per lead does not mean that it is a quality lead or that this lead is dying to join you in business as it's often portrayed in this industry.

Let's think for a moment as a lead broker.

Your job as a broker is to sell leads; as such you would want to present these leads in the best light possible in terms of the quality, their willingness to start a business, and in terms of their freshness.

If you knew for a fact that these individuals are ready to start a business with credit card in hand, why would you sell these leads to anyone when you know that you can become a distributor and put these eager entrepreneurs right under yourself in you own downline?

This hyped-up concept of a fresh, super-responsive lead is what you as a naive brand new distributor fall for and wind up pouring a large chunk of your budget on. People are not produce and to expect that a lead is going to spoil with time like a grape or a banana is just not accurate, it is more of a justification for the outrageous price these leads are sold for.

So, how do you grow your MLM business?

Growing a network marketing business demands that you learn how to:

1. Find the right leads for your business.
Knowing how and what types of leads to purchase are essential components to bringing your products or your services to the consumer market place. The best leads to buy are the leads that ensure your residual income, you got it, consumer leads, not an opportunity seeker lead.

2. Create the leads yourself.
As you create the leads yourself, you can improve the quality of the lead by tailoring different offers that provide value to your prospects such as a report, access to your newsletter, a demo, special discounts, or the like.

3. Contact your target lead.
Whether you contact your prospects via e-mail or by phone, you need to develop the skills to grab their attention, hold their interest, get them to make a decision, and finally get them to take action on your products or services.

4. Prospect correctly.
The best method to market your products or services is to develop a prospecting script that is natural and centers around the prospect who has the needs, desires, and wants for what you market.

5. Invite the prospect to consume your products.
To get your prospect to exchange his money for the value of the product depends on your ability to demonstrate leadership, be able to overcome his objections, and help him enjoy the benefits your product brings.

6. Follow up on your lead even after he has become a consumer or a downline member.
You should have a proven system that a new distributor can just plug right in. You should be able to show him step by step how to get from point A to Z. You should have a reliable, cost effective way to join you in business. You should be able to show a new business partner how to reach and sustain profitability in his business.

These are pieces that are necessary to systematically grow your MLM business in order to reach success.

If any one of these pieces is missing, you are not capitalizing the way you should and you might spend your business out of existence. That's the biggest problem in the MLM industry. People are not given the proper MLM training as to how to bring a product or a service to the consumer and make the most effective use of leads, so their business is and remains in profit!

For instance, have you ever been shown how to track the cost of acquisition of a lead vs. the time value of this new consumer or business partner that will ensure the profitability of your MLM business? I would venture to say that most probably never, that's not what your MLM company training touches on because if it did, soon its distributors would come to the realization that 95% of them are failing miserably. However, as a business owner, knowing this information is a key component in your business.

Spending money on leads without the proper understanding of what to do once you get them is a sure way for you to join this 95% failure rate so prevalent in network marketing.
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