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Affiliate Internet Marketing Goes Hollywood

Aug 17, 2007
In the movie Jerry Maguire, Cuba Gooding Jr uttered the phrase that has now become part of our lexicon: Show me the money. Whether intentional or not, every person involved in affiliate internet marketing is thinking the same thing. That is understandable. Unfortunately, many people spend their time looking for the good fairy of affiliate business. That magic product or service (courtesy of central casting) that will explode their bank account instantly, without having to do much work. This may explain why the majority of affiliates do not make any money. They do not treat their business like a business.

With the emergence of blogs, video and Web 2.0, marketers have more tools to reach their target audience. However, there are still some old school techniques you should be using in your production.

1. One Site-One Product

Ever went to an affiliate web site that is offering a ton of different products? For most people too many choices lead to confusion. It also increases the chance your potential customers will simply click to another site.

The point of one affiliate web site per product is to limit the choice of your visitors to either buying, leaving their contact information or clicking away from your affiliate site.

Place a review on your website along with testimonials from people (get their photos if possible) who have used the product or service. You can find previous reviews of the product you are affiliate advertising by searching ezines and article directories but it is best to write your own. The keys are to:

a. Write a good headline
b. Showcase the benefits
c. Fill each paragraph with just enough information to get your visitors to keep reading
d. A call to action

Make sure it does not come across as a blatant sales pitch. Walk your visitors through understanding the product and how it affects them directly.

2. The Free

According to Overture 357,000 people per month search the internet using only one keyword: free. You can get some of that action. Offering a free report is a terrific affiliate marketing tool. Place it at the top of your website so visitors cannot help but see it. You can also offer it to your opt in email list and invite them to pass the report along to others. Make sure your name and website are branded on the report.

3. Targeted Traffic

There are any number of ways to drive visitors to your affiliate web site. The question is once they get there will they be interested in your offer?

I mentioned before you should write your own product reviews. You should also write articles as well. Not only will it get you noticed but you can also find specific article directories, blogs, ezines and forums where your target audience is most likely hanging out.

Try to write at least 1 article per week of about 400 to 600 words in length. This is a great way to bring targeted traffic to your affiliate web site immediately and for many years to come. Article marketing combines useful information, free advertising (without looking like one) and marketing viral into one powerful package.

Using these tips can help you get through the maze of affiliate internet marketing and create multiple streams of steady income. Focus on building an affiliate business first so that when you tell merchants to show you the money, they will.
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