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A Fantasy About Future Web

Aug 17, 2007
The general public probably missed the minimal debate about Net Neutrality a few months ago. For the time being, the Forces of Darkness were held back. But, I am sure the battle will be fought again. Following may be similar to some boardroom fantasies currently being entertained about a future internet.

Here is a theoretical ad from something called VZweb. INTERNET SURFERS. The best place for internet service is VZweb. We have this thing down to at least a thousand web pages. We have eliminated the junk, the trash, and all the time wasters. With our ultra high-speed service you can look at the whole thing in a few minutes. No hassles. Easy. Convenient. Safe and non-threatening. Its all done for you.

And the fine print of VZweb could be something like; Actual number of web sites may vary according to locale. Each click will be charged an undisclosed amount. Web site access speeds determined by ability of web site owner to pay. Lifetime contract required so you can never use another service. All records of online activity are subject to being distributed to any government agency who asks.

Or maybe another one called Foxweb - Fair and Balanced. Today's busy person does not have time for sifting through all sorts of web sites with burdensome opinions. We have the truth all sorted out for you. The Truth straight from the source. Our commentators have done all the work for you so you can get on with your life. Of course if you want to you can always look at the other side but why would you want to. It might even be treason to do so. Just remember you've got it better than anybody else in this world.

Then there might be something like Consumeweb. Buy. Buy. Buy. Millions of web pages with so much stuff to buy you will not believe your eyes. Click and its yours. Buy now pay later with your own Consumeweb credit account you can manage online or we will manage it for you. There is so much to buy and so little time. View items in a full 360 degree fully rendered virtual reality environment so real it is just like shopping in stores like your grandparents used to do. We can't wait to show you what you are missing. Don't be left out and don't be the last to get your full access installed now.

Then I guess in any discussion about the future internet there is the inevitable GovWeb. Fully Sanctioned and Approved. Qualified Panels of Professionals have examined and certified these web sites to be acceptable for public consumption. Access to only what is allowed by law.

If future internet users are lucky maybe they will run across something called PublicWeb. Access to any website any where any time. Speeds vary due to internet traffic and bandwidth available. No hidden fees and no monitoring of online activity. User discretion is required to determine what is suitable and what is not. Users are not required to view any specific web site and can always look at what they want. Need help starting your own website? Info available 24 hours a day seven days a week. PublicWeb cannot exist with your participation and support.

And so it is.
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Michael Dappert is a co-founder of Winco, Inc., a provider of wireless internet access to small communities in West Central Illinois. He also administers the web site Musicgig.us and discusses a wide range of topics at Flyoverfolks.com .
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