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Think E-Books Are Dead?

Aug 17, 2007
Ebooks aren't dead, they are just evolving. In fact, with the increasing number of people searching for information on the internet, the possibilities to promote ebooks is virtually endless. When ebooks provide innovative and creative solutions to niche problems, they will gain a positive reputation and demand for them will increase.

Ebooks are evolving with technology to include audio, video and interactive components on pages instead of straight print. If you have a unique concept, a readable writing style, and valuable content, audio and video can be added to enhance the information or demonstrate it. The fast pace of technological change also provides opportunities to address these changes by providing information or solutions in ebook format.

The process of writing and publishing an ebook is a great deal cheaper and quicker than doing so in print. If your purpose is to sell your ebook on your own website, you are able to keep one hundred percent of the profits. Even if you sell through an online retailer of ebooks, your profitability is a lot higher than for print books. However, many people create ebooks to promote their businesses rather than to sell the ebook itself. This is accomplished by promoting themselves as an expert on the niche they are addressing as well as by providing links to further material on their websites or blogs. Links within the ebooks can also directly link to a sales page for a product.

Whatever your niche, you probably know information that people are searching for and can offer it in ebook format. In fact, in any given subject area you could write a number of ebooks on various aspects of the topic. Once you have decided what you want to write about, break it down into sections. Would these sections be best written as part of one ebook or should each section be an ebook that is further broken down into chapters? Before you begin writing, you need to make sure there is a market for your book. Check out the competition. What do other ebooks on the topic address? What do they leave out? Is there a knowledge gap that you can fill with your ebook? Once you have answered these questions, look for keywords that might be related to your subject and then check to see whether searchers have searched on them during the past month. The Overture keyword analysis tool is free and very helpful for this process.

It is unfortunate that ebooks have been getting a bad rap due to poorly written, poor quality offerings that are being sold at inflated prices. This makes it hard for the honest writer and publisher of ebooks. Providing free excerpts is one way to prove to your target market that your book is of an acceptable quality and delivers on your promises. Of course, this is not a problem if you intend to offer the ebook free of charge.

Creative, innovative, informative and relevant ebooks are very much alive. They offer wonderful, constantly evolving opportunities for writers and publishers who are prepared to fill a void in their niche and offer exceptional value for money.
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