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Buying Used Aircraft Can Open New Doors For Pilots

Aug 17, 2007
Making the decision to buy a used aircraft is a big one. Not only is the investment large, the simple fact of the matter is an aircraft carries some pretty important passengers, so safety is paramount as well, which is why some steer clear of checking out used aircraft for sale.

Just like buying a car though, used can most certainly net a solid piece of machinery if some common sense is used in the purchase. And for those who have their sights set on some big reasons for wanting a personal craft, used machines can open the doors for a purchase that might not otherwise be possible.

While many pilots buy craft to start businesses or for personal use, there are others who have a more altruistic mission in mind when they begin looking for a used craft. Buying a solid craft, new or used, can not only jumpstart a small business or add to personal pleasure, it can help a pilot become a hero of sorts, too.

Imagine being the parent of a small child that needs a life-saving heart transplant, and getting that call that help has arrived. Now, picture yourself discovering that time is of the essence and the distance that must be traveled is too great to do by car alone.

For some parents, this is when a knight in shining armor steps in, offering the child and his or her family a lift to the hospital. Rather than chain mail and a horse, this hero pilots a plane.

This scenario takes place all over the United States all the time thanks to Angel Flight America. This nonprofit group consists of a network of pilots and personal craft owners. They step in when time is of the essence to do their part to save the day. For many who own personal crafts, whether new or used, this is their way of giving back, helping others when the need is great.

The organization offers flights for no charge to patients and their families who need to get to hospitals for medical treatments, it steps in during natural disasters to deliver much-needed supplies and even offers to help whenever there is a demonstrated need. By matching aircraft owners and pilots with people in need, the nonprofit enables those who can to give back to those who so desperately need the assistance.

Pilots who use their personal planes to assist Angel Flight's missions all over the U.S. have the ability to step in and make a real difference when it counts the most. Whether it's touching a single life or the lives of many, those with personal craft - new or used - have the power to help make sure Angel Flights are never grounded.

Buying a used aircraft can be a solid proposition if careful inspections take place before purchase. There's no need to ground dreams of flying - or finding a new, volunteer hobby - if common sense goes into a used purchase.
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